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To Outsource or Not Outsource: Do You Really Need a Link Agency? 

Who will do link building better, an in-house team or an agency? Here are some pros and cons of outsourcing link building to make the right choice.

It’s the age-old question business owners must face: is it better to find an in-house team, or should outsource my digital marketing? When it comes to link building, here’s the information you need to make a good choice. 

The Positives of Outsourcing Your Link Building 

Speed of Link Building

There is a significant difference in how quickly an internal link generator and an agency can help with your links. An agency usually has all the connections to get instant links and this is the biggest advantage of outsourced link building.

 This makes the agency more likely to get your link faster. But before choosing the right agent for you, ask them for sample links and customer names. This way, you’ll be able to check how knowledgeable the agency is about your niche. 

 Knowledge and Expertise

When you outsource link building, you are paying someone for their knowledge and experience. Agencies will always know more than you because link building is their core business. In addition, agencies have guidelines for link quality control. 


If you need to build links at scale right away and your team is just starting to build links, it will take some time for you to get good results. This is where the experts take over. They can make you get better results.


You may be unaware, but hiring an in-house link building company will cost you more than a long-term partnership with a link building agency. But the biggest issue here is your value for money. 

Consider this: it can take up to a year for an in-house expert to start building 60 links per month, even if they have experience. At the same time, an agency had all the tools and an elaborate strategy to build links in a shorter amount of time. 

Zero Brand Risks

Another important point to consider is your reputation. Link building includes outreach, which is a grassroots public relations approach. If you don’t know the right approach, you’ll end up sending a million emails that many recipients might consider spam.

The Negatives of Outsourcing Your Link Building 

You Can Choose the Wrong Company

If you choose the wrong agency, you can easily lose money and diminish your ranking instead of increasing it. A good agency will have no red flags and love seeing businesses grow. Don’t rush the process and properly vet each company you consider. 

Solution: choose a company that suits you. 

Agency Owns All the Contacts

The best you can get from link building are connections. The partnerships you build will stick with you for years, and you can benefit from them in the long run. This is true if you create the link yourself. But this is harder to do with a company. 

Solution: establish networking with the company you work with.

You Lose Control Over the Link Process

outsourcing link building robs you of all control over the entire process. The agency will update you on the general state of things, but not the details of link building.

Solution: Work with a. company that puts your input first. 

Choose Perfect Link Building

Now that you know what you’re looking for, Perfect Link Building is who you’re looking for. With their immense experience delivering quality link building to countries all over the globe. 

Their work is known to be fully manual and future-ready, and have made a reputation for delivering the best SEO link building services for each client, regardless of size and scope. buy quality backlinks



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