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Tips To Keep Your Home Safe from an Electrical Hazard

Electrical fires can be extremely detrimental for your home. Not only does it cause the loss of precious electrical appliances but may also cause physical and emotional damage for you and your loved ones. Taking a few simple measures can help prevent your home from an electrical fire. This article describes a few safety tips that you can use prevent electrical fires in your home. If you are unaware regarding any electrical appliance always consult a professional and not use guess work to fix electricity related problems.

Use a bulb with the right watts

It is important to choose the right bulbs to prevent an electrical fire hazard from occurring. You have to check all your lamps and fixtures to see if they have the right bulbs with the right wattage. If you have a light fixture that does not have wattage mentioned, then you can use a 60-watt bulb or lower. Ceiling fixtures often require 25 watt bulbs.

Do not overload electrical outlets

A very common cause of an electrical hazard in homes is the overloading of electrical outlets. One of the few signs of an overloaded outlet is that it is over heated. So, make sure that all your electrical outlets are cool to touch. Avoid using extension cords and multi outlet converters for connecting appliances. If you have multiple heat producing appliances then make sure you only plug one at a time. if you think that your electrical outlet is hot then get professional help to check for faults. Do not try to find the problem yourself as it may leads to a hazard. Many people think that power strips increase the amount of power an outlet receives, however, that is not the case, power strips only add outlets to your electrical outlets. You can always consider replacing your traditional plugs with smart plugs as they keep a record of the power drawn by an appliance which allows us to determine if the plug is overheating and the appliance needs to be disconnected.

Replace damaged wiring

One of the most serious residential electrical hazards are caused by damaged power cords. They can cause fires as well as cause accidents like electrocution. Power and extension cords need to be regularly checked for any damage. If they are damaged they should be replaced as soon as possible. It should also be made sure that wires and cords are not tucked under a rug or stapled into place. They may cause a tripping accident when tucked under the rug and furniture can cause crushing of the cords. This will damage the wiring. If you require more extension cords then it may be possible that you do not have enough electrical outlets. You can resolve this by getting a professional who can install more outlets.

Take care of the power cords

Just like when appliances are in use the cords and wiring needs to be taken care of, they also have to be taken care of when the appliances are not in use. Especially if you have pets or kids wiring can be damaged by chewing or playing with cords. Similarly, some of wrap the cords around different objects. This may not be a good idea as it may damage the wire by stretching them. It is also advised to make sure that wires are not placed on a hot surface as it may tamper the insulation of the wiring.

Keep appliances unplugged when not in use

Most of us have a habit of keeping our appliances plugged in even if they are not in use. One of the simplest ways to avoid an electrical hazard is to ensure that appliances that are not in use are kept unplugged. It will not only prevent an electrical hazard form happening but it will also reduce your electricity bills as any device would consume electricity when plugged in even if it is not in use. Smart plugs can be a good option in this regard as they allow you to set power schedules for the outlet you plug them into.

Keep electrical equipment away from water

Water is a good conductor of electricity so it is a not a good idea to allow water near electrical outlets. Make sure that all your electrical equipment is dry and away from water. This will prevent accidents like electrocution. Personal injuries do not only cause physical damage but also mental and emotional damage. You should always ensure that your hands are dry while working with electrical outlets and appliances and make sure you train your children to do that too. Electrical equipment should always be kept away from aquariums, sinks and bath tubs.

Keep your appliances in a well ventilated area 

Air circulation ensures that electrical equipment does not over heat and short out which can lead to an electrical fire hazard. Appliances should have proper air circulation so that they do not overheat. This also means that they should not be used in enclosed cabinets and spaces which are not well ventilated. You should also keep flammable objects away from any from any electrical appliance. For gas and electric dryer ensure that they are at least a foot away from the wall.

Clean exhaust fans

This advice is often overlooked, however it is extremely essential. Exhaust fans can have a built up of dirt and debris which cause the appliance to work harder. This can decrease the life span of an appliance and increases the risk of overheating. It can also cause buildup of flammable gases in a few cases. So, it is important to clean exhaust fans regularly.

Final Thoughts

Fire hazards can be an extremely traumatic event. They can be dangerous for your home and for your family. So, it is better to consider Home Electrical Repair if there is a problem with your home electrical system. You should always hire professional help as trying to fix an electrical issue can cause electrocution.


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