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Tips for Successful Data Center Migration Planning

A data center migration can be a complex and daunting task, but there are many reasons and benefits to migrating to a new data center. One of the biggest benefits is improved performance. With a new data center, you can take advantage of the latest technologies and have more control over your environment. This can lead to faster speeds and improved uptime. Another benefit is increased security. When you migrate to a new data center, you can take advantage of the latest security features and products. This can help to protect your data and keep it safe from cyber threats.

It doesn’t have to take months to migrate to a new data center. There are experts who can make the migration process, quick, smooth and easy. The following tips should help you when planning your data center migration.

What’s Data Center Migration, anyway?

A data center migration is moving an existing data center to a new location. It could mean physically moving to a new data center or it could mean migrating from a physical data center to a cloud-based center.

The Most Common Reasons for a Data Center Migration

There are a number of reasons to migrate from one data center to another.  Following are some convincing reasons you should “take the plunge.”

  • Embracing modernization: Your data and systems get fully integrated with the latest hardware, software and architectures.
  • No More Data Center Overload: When you have just one data center, you are limited by what that one data center can do.  By moving some applications and data to the cloud, you can reduce the load at your main data center.  This will improve uptime and decrease latency.
  • Scalability is Key: Cloud-based data centers are much more scalable than  conventional centers. When you move to a cloud-based data center, scalability becomes a possibility.

A data center migration can be quite beneficial to your organization, but you need to plan ahead.  As we move forward, let’s take a look at some quick tips for planning a successful data center migration:

  1. Develop a Data Center Migration Plan                                                                             Write your goals for data migration along with the start date and the end date. You should also record the general resources that will be needed, along with the possible roadblocks you might encounter. The path may or may not be seamless, but you have to write the goals nonetheless.
  2. Make Sure to Enlist a Migration Specialist                                                                         You need an expert to carry out all the operations. Make sure it is a data center migrations services expert, such as an IT Asset Dispostion (ITAD) provider, and not a random employee in your company.
  3. Determining your budget                                                                                                         Do you have a budget in mind? You can tweak the budget along the way, but start with a financial plan in your head. The purpose is to stay on-track.
  4. Verifying all the information and requirements                                                               Would you hire a random truck and send lots of cash in it to a client’s office? The answer is NO. You need to verify the credentials of the professionals you are hiring for your data center migration — everything needs to be on-point.
  5. Trusting the Experts                                                                                                            When you hire an expert to handle your data center migration, you need to be able to trust them.  Data server software and hardware are delicate so proper data destruction is required. Third-party data center migration experts know what they are doing and can ensure that all data-bearing assets are wiped clean of any and all information, virtually eliminating the risk of a costly data breach.
  6. Decommissioning a Data Center                                                                                  Going through a data center decommission is highly recommended and should be done in tandem with your data center migration.  When you need to remove generators, power systems, and servers, turn to the experienced professionals at OceanTech, a certified and trusted ITAD provider, who makes it their mission to make the migration and decommissioning process as smooth as possible for both you and your business.

Staying on schedule and within budget guidelines is a necessity. When it comes to data center migration planning, the above steps are crucial, so make it count and partner with the professionals who can get the job done right.


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