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The Role of Mobile App Testing In Improving Quality Assurance Process

Those days are gone when mobile phones were only used for calling purposes. Nowadays, they have evolved into smartphones. They not just fulfil our basic requirements but also in some cases forecast our needs. There is always a probability of mistakes regardless of the expert quality assurance or the development team. Providing a good app is beyond timely development stages and a flawless code base. One of the most significant aspects that companies must take into account is user experience.  Hence mobile application testing companies are important for flawless user experience, performance, reliability and speed of the app.

Some of the important requirements for mobile app testing companies in the period of the connected devices and the internet of things incorporate;

The emergence of Latest Technologies

It is significant for the mobile app these days to be entirely in synchronisation with connected devices like smart cars, home appliances and smartwatches.

Geo Awareness And Localization

The app experience must not be limited to geographical location or audience. It must be relevant to user all around the world.

Minimised released cycles And Lesser Time To Market

In this industry continuous improvement and integration is becoming a norm. Therefore, it is very important for mobile app testing companies to keep pace with short release cycles and sprints.

Modifications for The Users

Companies are producing apps at an increased speed. Customer expectations are also increasing day by day. This means app personalization according to the user expectation is a differentiating factor for software development companies.

Device Fragmentation

There are various devices that are present in the global market these days. Other than this, there are different operating systems and networks. Therefore, the development and the quality assurance teams have to guarantee flawless app performance on all devices. It is also able to keep up with the new system and perform properly on traditional versions also.

Utilise cases for unexpected consumer behaviour:

Delivering a high quality or free of defect app to the clients shows proper use cases representation to the customers on time. It means that the expected customer behaviour must be defined. This shows that the testers have to take the unexpected user behaviour under consideration.

Forms of Mobile App Testing

Formulating a vigorous testing plan for best quality mobile apps basically incorporates the development of a test plan. It is dependent on the comprehension of features and the requirements. There are four main areas of testing. These areas are very important for a successful app release.

Performance testing 

The testing team utilises this testing phase to see the degree to which the app is able to perform under various environmental circumstances. This will guarantee that the app does not malfunction after its release.

User acceptance and Usability testing

The ease and the perception of the use of apps is evaluated at this phase. This includes user-friendliness. This testing incorporates user experience and takes out insights from the bugs reported in order to enhance the entire customer experience.

Edge Case Testing

The stage of edge case testing incorporates the scenarios for outliers or cases that increase under very high operating conditions. This sort of testing pinpoints vulnerabilities in the system. It also encourages separating the risks.

Functional testing 

The main objective of the functional testing is to guarantee the app does not move from the fundamental functionality requirements.  Mobile app testing companies evaluate some situations like guaranteeing that there are no anomalies in the login or signup process. The app is launched and installed without any hurdles.

Hence proven, that the significance of mobile app testing in enhancing the quality assurance process cannot be overlooked. 


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