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The Benefits of Shower Rails

Shower rails come in a wide range of styles, from the traditional to the modern. You can choose a stainless steel or an aluminum construction, and you can even get one that is adjustable to fit the height of your ceiling. Here are some of the benefits of shower rails:

Oval shower curtain rail

When installing an oval shower curtain rail, it is important to note the dimensions of the tub. The oval design will provide more room and privacy than other styles, while also helping to keep more water in the bath. If you have a freestanding bathtub, an oval-shaped rail will best suit your needs. A traditional oval shower curtain rail is crafted of chrome-plated steel tubes, and can be attached to the wall. Once you’ve made your decision, consider how much space you have in your bathroom and choose the material that suits the aesthetics of your bathroom. In this bathroom, an oval shower curtain rail holds a white hotel-style shower-curtain over a clawfoot bathtub. A bronze-finished shower kit mounted to the black and white tiles supports a shower curtain hung from a white rod. The walls and floor are covered with gray cement subway tile. Another option for your shower curtain rod is the oil-rubbed bronze model. This is lightweight and made from brass. This type of curtain rod also comes with mounting hardware. You can customize the length of the rod by measuring the width of your shower. This type of shower rod is adjustable and has a bracket that you can adjust to fit your tub.

Stainless steel construction

A high-quality shower rod should be made of stainless steel and be rustproof. A high-quality shower rod should be constructed of 18-gauge stainless steel tubing and have exposed surfaces in architectural satin finish. It should also be adjustable from 52″ to 86″. The rods should also feature swivel brackets with a maximum of 55 degrees of swivel rotation. It is available in a wide range of finishes. A stainless steel shower rail is the ideal choice for a modern bathroom. Whether you want a contemporary, modern or traditional look, you can be sure that the material will look great in any bathroom. Stainless steel construction is also the best choice for a wetroom.

Adjustable ceiling support

To add stability to your shower curtain rod, you can install an Adjustable Ceiling Support for Shower Rail. This stainless steel support consists of a flat exposed mounting flange, sleeve, and a set screw. The ceiling bar is available in a variety of colors, including chrome, gold, and bronze. This type of shower support can be bought separately or as a set. They also include the necessary glide pins. Regardless of the brand name, these rails are made from high-quality components and can be used in any bathroom setting. This is a must-have accessory for any bathroom!

Aluminum construction

If you’re looking for a shower rail that will add additional elbow room to your shower, consider the aluminum 72-Inch Curved Shower Rod. Best of all, the Curved Shower Rod is rustproof and guaranteed to stay that way for many years. There’s no need to worry about it rusting, as it is made of 100% aluminum.

ADA compliance

Ensure ADA compliance when installing shower rails. The regulations on height, spacing, and materials are important. The height of the horizontal grab bar must be no more than 30 inches above the floor and no more than 6 inches above the vertical bar on the wall. These requirements are especially important when there are several people living in the home with limited mobility.
For ADA compliance, the seated and standing showers must have grab bars on the sides and back wall, which are at the same height as the control wall. They should also extend across the control wall to the entrance. The controls, such as faucets and shower spray units. Enclosures may overlap one end of the clearance.. Grab bars should be installed in the wall studs to prevent obstructions. They should be between 34 and 38 inches from the floor for adults and a little lower for children. Grab bars are helpful to anyone who may have difficulty with balance or mobility. If you’re planning on installing shower rails, it’s important to know where they should be installed.


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