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The Benefits of After Effects Presets for Video Editing

Out of all of Adobe Systems’ software offerings, After Effects is the most popular. A video editing software, it comes with many features that put it on another level, far beyond its competition. One of these features includes presets. Presets are a pre-defined effect with pre-made parameters that can be applied directly to your video to give it. The desired style, transition or overall aesthetic. When you use a preset you can apply an effect to your composition without making any changes to parameters or wasting time tweaking these effects. 

Here, we will show the positives that come along with using After Effects and its presets. But before purchasing presets for top dollar, be aware that some companies such as Free Visuals, offer free After Effects presets, letting you increase your productivity for less. 

Save Time

When using After Effects presets, you can insert a transition with just one click. Sometimes you can apply multiple transitions with just a series of clicks. Instead of editing each transition or key frame, one by one from start to finish, you can instead spend time focusing on the other aspects of editing and let the presets do the hard work for you.

Easy to Use

Learning any new software can be incredibly intimidating and take time to master. While It’s incredibly important to take the time to actually learn the program, presets can help you get started faster, and serve as a soft launch into all the possibilities that After Effects can offer. 


If you need to edit an entire introduction video, YouTube video or training video, you can make it look more consistent if you use a selection of presets. This eliminates mistakes that will be made if you edit each photo one by one, which can yield different settings and a slightly different look. The more consistent you are, the more professional you’ll seem.

Totally Customisable

If there’s a preset you enjoy, but you want to tweak it slightly? This is something you can do within After Effects. Once you upload a preset, you have the option of editing or tweaking it to suit you better. This takes a little bit of knowledge to do property, but with a little bit of practice, you’ll be ready to go. 


Do you want your video to look modern and spunky? Do you want it to look grainier and more dated? No matter what you want, there is a wide variety of presets available. This means you will have hundreds of presets at your fingertips, allowing for better choices when undertaking any new editing process. 

From Free Visuals you can use presets such as: 

  •     Party Glow
  •     Off Centre Rotation
  •     Dynamic Shakes
  •     Rolls
  •     Vertical Bounce
  •     Zoom In/Out Rotates & more. 

Presets for Batch Editing

One of the best parts of using After Effects presets is its ability to let you edit multiple clips at once, by batch editing. This means if you love a preset, you can apply it to a wide variety of clips to get the work done faster. This is perfect If you work in an environment where turnaround needs to be fast, this can help you get an edge in the workplace. 

Choose Free Visuals

After looking at the above, you can understand the value of Presets in After Effects and the uses it has for your video editing work. That being said, if you want the best presets, you don’t have to pay for them. This is where Free Visuals come in. 

Free Visuals is a hub for hundreds of free effects for animation, transition and other such keyframe animations that can be used in Adobe After Effects, and across many software types. Perfect for video editors of all levels of experience, it’s as easy as downloading the file and putting it to use! Check their website


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