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The 9 Best Car Phone Mounts in 2022

There are a lot of car phone mounts on the market, but which one is right for you? Fortunately, we’ve found 9 of the best so you can make your decision with confidence. Read on to find out which ones work the best. Each of them is tested with the same model iPhone 12 Pro, so you can be sure that they’ll fit your car and your needs. Here are the top picks in each category.

Enhanced telescopic arm

This one is particularly great for phones with different dimensions. It features an enhanced telescopic arm, which can extend from 5 to 8 inches and pivot at 260 degrees. Its superior quality has also led to an increase in popularity. Other features include a magnetic cord organizer a bottom foot that is easy to remove and a spring button that keeps your phone steady. It is also durable and comes with a 3-year warranty.

Most Versatile Car Phone

This one is the most versatile car phone mount on the market. It can accommodate phones with different screen sizes, and it’s easy to install in just a few minutes. It’s also one of the most attractive options available. It’s very easy to install, has a lifetime warranty, and is designed for vehicles with heating systems. These products are also easy to store in your trunk, and most of them come with a charging cable.

More Flexible

The Scosche MagicMount is a flexible mount that can fit in tight spots. It also rotates 90 degrees, making it easy to read your smartphone while driving. It’s easy to attach to surfaces such as dashboards, but it doesn’t work well on rough surfaces. This mount is not intended for textured or smooth surfaces, but it does hold large phones and is very versatile. If you want a super heavy-duty mount, invest in one of the higher-end models.

Easy to attach to virtually any surface in your car

Its slim and sleek design makes it easy to attach to virtually any surface in your car. With its adhesive pad, it can be attached to various surfaces, including the dash. It can also be mounted to vertical areas on the dashboard, which is not always convenient. Moreover, its three strong magnets allow you to securely grip the phone while driving. You can also use the MagicMount with your car’s GPS.

Seatbacks of cars make it a great choice for a mobile device

The Qifutan Long Car Phone Mount is a sturdy and flexible mount with a 6.2-inch aluminum gooseneck that can be placed on the dashboard or windshield. Its long aluminum gooseneck is flexible enough to accommodate larger phones but is not too wide. Its super sticky gel and anti-shake stabilizer prevent the phone from slipping. This mount can also be easily cleaned with water. The padded sidewalls and seatbacks of cars make it a great choice for a mobile device.

A great choice for people

The Easy One Touch 5 Dash and Windshield Mount is an excellent choice for drivers who want their smartphones to be accessible. Its telescopic arm provides optimal stability and is adjustable to fit different smartphone models. It has a magnetic cord organizer and a bottom foot for easy installation. This unit is perfect for those who want to use it for long journeys. It is also a great choice for people who want to use a phone on the road.

Phone cradle offer three Different Mounting

The Vicseed button-shaped magnetic phone cradle offers three different mounting options and is compatible with most vehicles. It features adjustable arms that can secure most smartphones. And, it’s slightly more expensive than the other mounts, but it provides hands-free versatility. But you can’t go wrong with the Vicseed cradle. But it’s worth it! If you’re looking for a more versatile holder, it’s the way to go.


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