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The 7 Best Gaming Consoles in 2019

Choosing a good game console is a dilemma for game enthusiasts. There are so many brands out there selling different gaming consoles. Each brand has something different to sell. Fans usually want access to an incredible library of games. They would want to pick a console that’s worth their money.

Want to know about the best gaming consoles in 2019? Stay with us.

#1: Nintendo Switch

Hands down. Nintendo Switch is famous among gaming fans just like the Spectrum TV and Internet plans are famous among consumers. It’s also known as a hybrid console. Apart from connecting it to TV, you can also connect it to your computer through the LCD.

It comes with joy-con controllers, which are wireless. They include a standard button and directional analog sticks. If you want to enjoy a traditional gamepad experience, you can also connect it to a grip accessory.

#2: PlayStation 4 Pro

It’s one of the most popular game platforms you will find today. You will get access to an exclusive library of games (both Xbox One and PlayStation 4). This also includes indie games which aren’t available on Xbox One. PS4 Pro also offers 4K HDR 10 compatibility.

PlayStation 4 Pro also opens the door for PlayStation VR. It is one of the premium yet affordable VR headset available so you will be making a fair deal.

#3: Xbox One X

Xbox One X comes with better hardware as compared to PS4 Pro. It features 4K Blu-ray and HDR video playback just like in the case of One S. But apart from that, you will experience some great visual enhancement. No wonder Microsoft said it’s the most powerful home gaming console available.

#4: Sony PS4 Slim 1TB Console

Sony PS4 Slim 1TB Console virtually comes with the same characteristics as PS4. However, it is lighter, less nosy and it has a compact design. You will also get access to a huge catalog of games such as The Last of Us, Uncharted 4, Gravity Rush 2 and more.

Sony has removed the bean of light at the top of the console. The device has a slim and matte black top now. You will also find a small PS4 logo there.

#5: Nintendo New 3DS XL

If you are looking for a portable console by Nintendo, this one’s it. It comes with a number of improvements as well. It has an advanced design and the weight of the device is redesigned, too. It’s now more comfortable to play.

There is a rich catalog of games in the library. It also has faster processing power as compared to Nintendo 3DS. You can also use parental controls to restrict its 3D mode and make it safe for children under 6. The game console has built-in amiibo compatibility.

#6: Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii is one of the best child-friendly devices. Its gaming library contains E rating games. Most of these games have interesting gameplay and they are just purely fun.

The gamepad controller features a screen. If parents wish to see the TV in the living room, kids can still play on their game console using the dedicated screen without any interruption. Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D are most fun local multiplayer games.

Wii is also compatible with Wii remote controls. There is no need to buy extra hardware.

#7: Super NES Classic

Gamers rejoiced big time when they heard that Nintendo is re-releasing the classic consoles like NES and Super NES classic. If you want to play games from the era of 1990s such as Starfox 2, this is it. Apart from this, you will have 21 classic different games to play.

Super NES classic appears to be a timepiece. The best 2 player games in the era when it was introduced include Street Fighter II Turbo and Super Mario Kart. Kirby Super Star, Earthbound and Megaman X are also few of the gems you will get your hands on. For a gamer who wants to relive their youth to when times were simpler, Super NES classic is definitely worth the shot. You will also get 2 wired super NES controllers for multiplayer action.

Now that you have a list of the best game consoles, go ahead and pick what you like.

Make sure you have the best Internet connection if you really want to enjoy a good gaming experience. Latency can make you lose the game. A gamer wouldn’t mind switching to the fastest Internet service. If that’s you, you can learn more about Spectrum service area and determine its availability in your location.


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