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Suunto 9 is a GPS sports watch. It is not just a sports watch but an evolutionary one. It is mainly designed to give its users peak experiences that they haven’t felt before. It basically comes in two models suunto 9 peak and suunto 9 baro. It has come with the most demanding features for outdoor adventures. The most important thing while going on adventures is for sure the sustainability of your gadget because adventure means just to be out without fixing time to come back. So in this regard, the battery is really important. One cannot just lose battery while being on crazy outdoor adventures. So Suunto 9 comes with sustainable battery life and a barometer too. It is originally made in Finland telling the athletes and its users that it is durable and worth it. It normally comes in two sizes to fit all the wrist sizes.

Suunto 9 peak

It can be said to be the thinnest, small and tough watch ever made under the banner of SUUNTO9. It comes with a sleek minimalistic design for those who do not prefer extravagant things. Its diameter is 43mm and its ultra thinness is just about 10.6 mm.

Suunto 9 baro

The other model of the Suunto 9 that is an actual G.O.A.T in the market of athletic watches. It is an award-winning watch and it is highly commendable. It is often seen on the wrists of world top athletes and adventurers which makes it highly trusted and appreciated. It is for the ones who like comparatively big gadgets because its size is bigger as compared to Suunto 9 peak. It is a watch with a big screen. Its diameter is about 50mm and its thickness is about 16.5 mm.


It has some great features which are present in both the models. Its first feature is that it is actually tough and durable. It is waterproof even at 100m. The materials used in its making make it tough as sapphire glass and grade 5 titanium is used in it which makes it tough as well as durable. As discussed earlier it has a tough and great battery. Its battery can last about 25 hours with active GPS and up to 170 hours in its unique tour mode helping the adventurer in its adventure by being sustainable. It is specifically designed for adventures as it has a lot of adventure friendly features. For instance, it gives information with barometric altitudes. Other than that it has route navigation in the watch and in its own Suunto app it has sport-specific heat maps. Apart from adventure, it is designed for sports of different kinds. So it has the ability to support up to 80 different sports which include cycling, running, hiking, and a lot more.

While being on an adventure it helps you to trace your routes and even suggests different routes to you to light up your passion for exploring with a great GPS to prevent you from being lost.


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