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Students May Log In to Their CPSB Launchpad From Home

With the rapid adoption of technology in education, many schools are adopting new technologies to help keep up with the changes. One such technology is the CPSB Launchpad.

What is CPSB?

CPSB is a free online learning platform for students. It provides a secure and easy way for students to access high-quality teaching resources, including online courses and tutorials, across a range of subjects. CPSB also offers tools to help students study effectively, including flashcards and quizzes.

CPSB is available to students in Ontario schools. In 2017, CPSB partnered with the Ministry of Education to provide digital learning resources for all grade levels in Ontario schools.

To learn more about CPSB, visit or call 1-855-797-7282 (TTY: 1-877-697-6487).

Why Do You Need a CPSB?

A CPSB is a unique online tool that provides students with access to teacher resources, including lesson plans and student workbooks. This means that students can get the help they need from their teachers without having to leave their homes.

How to Access Your Launchpad

If you’re a student, you may want to take advantage of your launchpad account from home. Here’s how to do it:

Log in to your launchpad account by going to and clicking “Login.” Enter your user name and password, and click “Log In.” You will be taken to the login screen for your district, school, or class. If you are not registered with CPSB, enter your email address and password in the “Register New User?” area and click “Submit.”

You can also access your launchpad account from any computer with an internet connection by clicking the “LaunchPad” button on the homepage of

Types of Devices and Apps

Students may log in to their CPSB Launchpad from home. They can use the devices that are already in their homes or the ones that they buy with CPSB funds. The apps that are available on the CPSB Launchpad are for school-related tasks, like managing schedules and tracking grades.


If you are a student and are ready to launch your CPSB website, but don’t want to leave your home office, you can now log in to your Launchpad account from anywhere in the world! This new feature allows students to work on their CPSB website from any computer with an internet connection, and make changes or updates as needed. We hope that this will make launching a CPSB website much easier for students everywhere.



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