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Some vital features of online reservation of hotels

When hotels have a well-arranged reservation system then it ensures a firm flow of guests. Hotel chains propose their members the capability to fill thirty percent or more than this of the obtainable rooms. The independent hoteliers get the burdensome liability of forming some thrilling marketing programs for capturing the business of the hotel rooms. Some positive qualities of online reservation of hotels are:

  • Connect on-the-go – As the hotel reservation system gets hosted in the cloud, hoteliers become capable of managing reservations remotely 24×7 and 365 days a year. Today, hotel staff do not remain tied to the front desk only and they do concentrate on various other fields of the business. They get the time to manage group check-ins, check-in guests, acquire and confirm an entire overview reservation anytime and from anywhere.
  • Augment reach and visibility – A modern online hotel reservation system accompanied with seamless integration characteristics allows hotels to maximize bookings through the website of a hotel besides other channels, like the OTAs, GDS, etc. With its help, hoteliers can also augment the reflectiveness of their hotels all across the world and get in touch with numerous potential guests.
  • Lessens booking errors and augments reservations – If hoteliers do not get access to an efficient hotel reservation system, then they would be required to deal with a huge database of customer info along with various other parameters. But the online reservation system turns life easier for them as every information gets synced all across channels and it also gets updated concurrently in real-time.
  • Availability of mobile bookings – Most people keep their mobile devices with them all the time. And so, they can book any hotel, like hotels in Jakarta anytime according to their convenience right from their mobile devices. If people do not leverage the strength of an online booking system then they would miss out on something trendy.

The chief ideologies while designing the website of hotel booking

  • Content and relevance – The website of a hotel booking should define the target audience well. There should be relevant information and the information must be categorized.
  • Navigation and menu – Categorizing is considered an excellent notion for organizing the content and making it logical and intuitive. You can utilize the “More” category label for offering a dropdown menu. It should have subcategories, such as FAQ, and much more.
  • Design – Every hotel site meant for reservations must be highly critical for engaging, impressing, and enticing the target audience. Content provided on the site mustn’t be overpowered with animation or flashy designs. Again, users should get vital information fast. The clear font must be utilized for keeping customers reading without any distraction.
  • Layout – In the matter of designing the layout of a hotel booking site, the acronym CRAP (contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity) should be used.
  • Utilization of superior quality images – Visual appeal of a website is a method for getting the general and clear notion of what people can hope to get from it. Eliciting images permit people to emphasize on the main tour characteristics for displaying their finest sights.




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