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Copied content can rank down your site and harm your SEO work.

If you want to have one article on different websites then you’ll have to write a similar and unique article which is to be posted on different websites. Writing one article in a number of ways is very hard for people. It takes hours to accomplish the work. It would be good if that one article can get different unique articles within minutes or seconds. Yes, it happens. In this digital world, which made each and everything to get done on one click can also create such application which can replace the words or phrase of the given content and give us the number of unique contents. You can say that this supernatural tool is designated as “Article Spinner”.

It can be difficult for us to give the exact definition of Article Spinning even Wikipedia can’t come up with the definition of Article spinning.

Article Spinning is the technique of SEO applications, which generates the number of new content from old original content by replacing the words with the closest possible meaning. Also, it can be called as “Text Rewriter”.

Simple is that Article Spinning is to write an article and then generating thousands of similar articles with different meanings and then submitting these to different sites without any fear of its appearance on other URLs which can rank the website up in the online world either it is the website of marketing or any blog.


Article Spinning applications are one of the most demanded types of Online Text Rewriter using which we can’t make blunders as we have to forward the demanded content to the clients which they can love to work with us again or submit the work to the teacher or write blogs. To get similar articles with different phrases, it can be well-paid work but Article Spinners made it easier for us. To get rid of duplicate content, people use Article spinners which provide a wide variety of services to its users. PrepostSeo and QuillBot are the most used spinners to get unique content.


Prepostseo is the bundled company with a wide variety of different tools. Article Rewriter is one of its tools that offer to generate unique and accurate content with changed closest possible meanings.

  • PrePostSEO article spinner uses its technological applications to rephrase the given article and composes a new similar article. After scanning the article/content, the rephrased words are sentences that are bolded. It is the worldwide used software for different content writing purposes that’s why it is a highly recommended tool by most marketers.
  • It is free to get basic spun articles. It also has premium monthly and yearly membership plans which costs differently based on basic, monthly, and yearly plan.


  • Quillbot is a specially designed tool to reword the sentences by rephrasing the words and sentences by using its advanced technology.
    • Quillbot paraphrases the whole article on both levels i.e. phrase and word. This tool can restructure the whole sentence and gives a unique shape by replacing the words with possible meanings. There are 4 modes in Quillbot i.e. Fluency (fixes grammatical mistakes), Standard (Changes the input by keeping meaning), Suggestive (Changes input above keeping meaning), and Creative (Changes the sentence). There’s another option “Word Flipper” which goes from “More Accurate with Fewer synonyms” to “Less Accurate with More Synonyms”.
    • It is free to get basic spun articles. It also has premium monthly, yearly and semi-annual membership paid plans.

Why Article Spinners?

Article spinners are the most crucial in the world of digital content.

Time: The power of Article spinner is these software and applications can automatically rephrase thousands of words within seconds. The same work is done within seconds which human takes hours to do.

Plagiarism Free: Generally, article spinning is most used by article marketers. Plagiarized content is against the terms of websites so these rewriter applications can avoid getting against these terms and services.

Technically Unique Articles: Article Spinner can generate thousands of unique, fresh, original, readable, and accurate articles for the users.

Cheap and effective way to increase traffic: Let if you want to post an article on multiple websites and don’t want to down the traffic of your website then you can use Article Spinner to rephrase the sentences of that article and make it ready to get posted on the website.

The main reason to use Article spinners is “If the articles are similar to each other, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the internet may find this thing and can punish you by decreasing your rank and by side automatically your traffic will be less than before.

How Article Spinners Work?

Article spinning is a very basic technology in which we take a piece of text and rephrase it using different computer article spinning applications to get unique and readable content with accuracy.

Maybe, it seems magical but such programs with this type of technology exist i.e. Taking one unique article and after making it to go through the article spinner, getting thousands unique but similar articles.

Just copy the piece of content you want to get spun and paste in the box given. Then the Article Rewriter will proceed by using its technological applications i.e. Rephrasing the sentences and changing the meanings of the words by giving the number of spun articles which the user can post similar articles.


Duplicate content issues were resolved from the time when the magic has been done by computer technologies in the form of “Article Spinner”. This is very useful for bloggers, content writers, creative writers, and students in this wide education galaxy. The most common issue in the low ranked website is just duplicate content. Above explained is how Article Spinner resolved the duplicate content issues. Spinning content says one thing in the number of ways paraphrased uniquely. The spinning adds a lot of value in the content if its original content is readable.


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