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Sepstream Review - Cloud-Based PACS

Sepstream Review – Cloud-Based PACS

Sepstream is an EMR/RIS/PACS solution provider. They offer low cost, EHR order integration, and cloud-based PACS. They work with healthcare organizations to meet their needs. Read on to learn more about Sepstream and its cloud-based PACS. You’ll be able to see how it can improve your office’s workflow.

Sepstream’s cloud-based PACS

With cloud-based PACS, a doctor can access the latest images from any location. The system allows for the upload of data directly from the patient’s chart, eliminating the need for error-prone phone calls back and forth between multiple offices. The system also automates workflow through routing rules that help streamline the process. Sepstream’s cloud-based PACS is compatible with a wide range of devices, including tablets and advanced cell phones. It also allows for secure image storage and sharing.

The cloud-based PACS system from Sepstream makes it possible for users to access patient images and recordings from anywhere with internet access. Furthermore, the application requires no installation, customization, or setup. This means that a hospital can implement the system quickly and with minimal costs. The cloud-based PACS is easy to implement and can be accessed in just a few minutes.

A cloud-based PACS system is comprised of four major components: image acquisition devices (also known as modalities), communication networks (which transmit images), and a server, which digitally houses all the pictures. The servers also have integrated display workstations, or WS, which are commonly found in labs and hospitals. They allow a medical staff member to view images taken at another location by their co-workers.

A PACS server is the heart of any radiology department. This server manages images, reports, and data and acts as a communication tool among departments. With a PACS server, medical practitioners can streamline their processes and improve communication. As a result, patients can receive better care.

With cloud-based PACS, doctors can access patient data even outside the hospital’s network. It also makes collaboration easier. Because cloud-based platforms are web-based, doctors can access the information from anywhere with internet access. Moreover, cloud-based PACS systems save space in hospitals.

Its EHR Order Integration

Sepstream’s EHR Order Integration provides physicians with an easy, centralized way to send patient data. Physicians can upload data directly from their chart and eliminate error-prone phone calls between doctor offices. The intuitive interface also streamlines workflow with routing rules. Moreover, Sepstream allows organizations to easily share studies across locations and organizations. Furthermore, it can send studies to PACS or modalities for further processing. This eliminates unnecessary paper work and streamlines workflow.

Sepstream’s cloud-based architecture supports site distribution and remote access, reducing business continuity risks. The company partners with industry-leading companies that produce high-performance medical devices and technology solutions. This solution lets radiologists deliver the best of their services in any environment, allowing them to spend more time with patients. It also streamlines their work and improves productivity.

As the use of telehealth grows, more healthcare providers are turning to telehealth programs to deliver more affordable and efficient care to patients. To be effective, these programs need to be seamlessly integrated with their EHR systems. They should also be easy to use and secure. Sepstream’s EHR Order Integration simplifies the process and helps care teams focus on patient care.

Its scalable architecture

Sepstream’s scalable architecture makes it easy for users to access the software from any location. The software is designed to work on multiple platforms, including mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Users can also access the software from any computer with internet access. The system’s centralized patient records and workflow automation streamline the radiology workflow and improve productivity. The software also supports complex medical imaging workflows.

Sepstream’s scalable architecture allows users to scale up and down as needed, without major changes to the software’s architecture. This does not mean that the software handles extra traffic with the same resources. Instead, it allows users to easily add new users and increase traffic without changing the architecture. This makes it easy for small practices to expand.


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