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Selecting The Finest Cabinet Drawer Slides

It might be challenging to choose the ideal slides. Making the incorrect choice might result in jamming, difficult-to-open or-close drawers, or even breaking. But what data can you use to ensure that your choice is well-informed? The four elements that will guarantee your selection in slides are correct one is stated below.

Specified Drawer Weight

The weight capacity of a drawer slide should be taken into account before anything else. Each drawer slide has a unique weight rating. This reveals how much weight it can support. Prior to anything else, you must decide what you want to store in this drawer. Will it serve as a filing cabinet? Is a file cabinet or light office supplies the intended use? Is the drawer intended for industrial use that demands substantial weight support?

Types of Drawer Sliding Mounts

How your drawer will be joined to your glide? There are three choices available to you. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Slides for Center Mount Drawers

What you will see is the standard center mount. Under the drawer, a center mount may be connected. It has one slide that travels from bottom to top. Since it is concealed behind the drawer, this mount cannot be seen when the drawer is closed. If you want to accentuate your wooden cabinets, this is the best option. Additionally, they are more economical. The drawback is that center mounts may not be the greatest choice for drawers containing heavier objects since they may have a lesser weight rating.

Slides for Side Mount Drawers

The alternative is side mounts. The side mount slides are sold in sets of two. Each drawer has a slide connected to the side. These will need some space between the drawers and the cabinet opening. More weight may be supported by side mounts than by center mounts. However, when the drawers are open, they will be visible.

Drawer Extension Slides

You are probably aware of the as they are the most popular option for office furniture. This is also referred to as “full access.”

The drawer may be extended to its fullest extent thanks to over travel. This is the best option if the desk has extensions or a lip that prevents access to all of the drawers with full extension slides. These are typical for big file cabinets as well.

Drawer Slides to Suit Your Every Need

No matter where you put drawers, it makes no difference whether you mount them in a quiet office or a busy production area. Picking the appropriate slide might be aided by knowledge of the specifics. Before making a purchase, it’s critical to understand the drawer’s intended use. Be careful to take into account the requirements of the individual utilizing the drawer. This will assist you in selecting the characteristics that are best suitable for your circumstances. To obtain the finest fit and the cheapest price, examine whether any extra door hardware would be required.

If you’re looking for the best commercial drawer slides, you’ll want to consider options from brands like selectlok. These slides are designed to last and are built to handle heavy loads. They also come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly.


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