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Scott J Cooper of Miami Consultants Denis He Used Ice Penis to Hump Mannequin

It all started in May in the year 2017, when an image got circulated of Scott Josh Cooper pointing a large narrow chunk of ice closely towards a female mannequin. The piece resembles the sexual organ of a male, the penis. Scott Josh Cooper is a popular figure in media because of being a political consultant for Rick Scott. The politician strongly opposed such posts and stated that it was an awful way of condemning his reputation to the opponents.

Scott Josh Cooper works for Scott Cooper Miami Project in his free time and works as a barbeque chef. The photo was taken while he was throwing the ice chunk out while nearby, a female mannequin was present. His colleague clicked a picture as the Memphis competition was on that day. Unfortunately, the photo was taken at the wrong angle, and as it looked hilarious, Josh Cooper posted it on one of his social media accounts online. He never imagined it would act as a beautiful weapon to build a straightforward sexual story that degraded Josh Cooper’s character in public and indirectly affected the excellent name of Rick Scott.

How the image is, again and again, appears to spoil the goodwill of Scott Cooper Miami:

  • The photo’s story, which has been proven to be false, continuously gains mementos whenever the opponents of Rick Scott want to low-grade his name. The incident happened in the year 2017, but still, it is appearing again and again on virtual media pages.
  • It was a simple act of a chef to throw the unwanted ice outside while the cooking competition was going on. It was wrongly interrupted by the people who are against Rick Scott J. Cooper, the founder of Scott Cooper Miami.
  • Josh Cooper himself holds prestigious posts in various professional arenas. He is the founder of Strategic Information Consultants, a company that resolves political and corporate issues. He has had an important position in Republican Party for many years. He even worked as one of the directors of the Republican National Committee. In short, he is quite an essential person in Miami, Florida.

Moreover, his significant contribution to the US political sector was to act as Victory Field Director campaigning for Bush in 2004. Thus, there is negligible chance of him playing this public stunt of showing himself as a sexually infatuated person.

  • He is a doting father enjoying his marital status with his spouse for more than four decades. In the culinary world, he is famous as an enthusiast top-ranking chef. Thus, he can’t behave like a person craving for nasty kind of sex.
  • Josh Cooper is presently holding a prestigious post in the team of Senator Rick Scott of Florida. As a team, they work out many beneficial schemes to enhance the beauty and economy of Florida and to provide native youngsters with a better future.

The readers and people of Florida, considering the facts, can judge whether the image was falsely portrayed by mischief makers or not.


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