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Scott J Cooper Miami Beach Florida Scholarship Programs Are Writing Essays On Controversial And Thought Provoking Topics

Scott J Cooper Miami Beach Florida publishes articles on lifestyle focused on education, tourism, culture, and many important aspects connected with the Miami district. It is a committed Miami Beach portal focused on offering substantial information about the local population as well as promoting businesses. It is a platform that connects consumers and businesses. It is beneficial to both!

Scott J Cooper Miami Beach Florida has been hyper-local right from the start helping local vendors gain recognition and enhancing the tourism sector, which contributes to enhancing the market reach of the city. The published material has the power to influence public opinion because the platform has authoritative bloggers helping readers view Miami with localities’ eyes. 

On the platform, it covers an extensive range of topics ranging from long-form editorials to lifestyles and interviews to eateries. Besides emerging as a popular information source Scott J Cooper Miami Beach Florida initiated a scholarship program for students looking to study or studying in an accredited university in the US or Canada. 

Scott Cooper’s scholarship target is to promote education as well as handle any challenges due to policy modifications. It aims to raise awareness at the state and national level to allow better planning as well as protect student retention within Miami. Education is every student’s basic right and so has introduced a scholarship program intending to establish that work for the sustainable education model. 

The Scott J Cooper Miami Beach Florida/Florida scholarship is unique. It requires the students to write an essay of 350 – 1000 words. The awards are not based on prior academic achievements or GPA scores but the essay has to be controversial and thought-provoking. 

Controversial topics can include the participant’s political and personal views. It shows their investment in a tussle for principles like justice, fairness, morality, truth, tolerance, dignity, and safety. Readers respect the struggle until the argument is effective. The topics given by the Scott J Cooper Miami Beach Florida scholarship are related to political, educational, and awareness. The aim is to test participants’ research & analysis skills. 

The committee looks to honor creative thinkers. The scholarship is announced with three topics and the students have to write on anyone. The submission deadline is given and after a couple of weeks, the winner is announced. The Scott J Cooper Miami Beach Florida offers $500 to the scholarship winner. 

Some of the winner topics found on Scott Cooper Scholarship’s official website includes –

  • Caleb Keilen – ‘A relatively obscure dead person – J.R.R. Tolkien’
  • Edward Mecklos – ‘Arctic deposits of ONGC should be exploited to support the US interests’.
  • Amber Lea – ‘American BBQ –Delicious? Yes, Delicate? No’
  • Hailey Mahoney – Rick Scott, the former Florida governor and Senator announced Winter Olympics 2022 to be taken away from China’.
  • Nicole Pinard – ‘Eleanor Roosevelt – Great minds discuss ideas – Average minds discuss events – Small minds discuss people’. 
  • Kate Reynolds – ‘The power of our words.’
  • Angelina Gonzalez – ‘The Present Day Racial Injustice in America’

Every month a new essay scholarship winner is announced!

The scholarship is offered to students studying in the following –

  • Communication
  • Business management
  • Fitness or education programs
  • Journalism
  • Marketing

Students in these programs are directly responsible for bringing business sales in the future. The program is an inspiration to today’s classroom leaders to become tomorrow’s business leaders.


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