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RumbleTalk: The go-to chat platform for interactive virtual events

Virtual events are about to reach new heights with RumbleTalk Chat – a live chat plugin
that will enable your guests to interact with each other and with you in real-time. This
innovative chat room creates an even more immersive and memorable experience for
all attendees.

Check out the exciting things you can do with it! In this article, we’ll learn how
RumbleTalk quickly became a go-to option for businesses looking to make their
products and services seem accessible and available to customers.

What is a virtual event chat and why do we need them?

A virtual event chat is a chat plugin beside your event live stream. It can be embedded
on your website where the virtual event is happening. It allows your audience, speakers,
and organizers to connect with one another in real-time.

Why do we need them? Because virtual event chats provide a range of benefits that are
unavailable at traditional in-person events. These include the ability to meet people from
all over the world, send digital files instantaneously, and conduct live polling sessions
and Q&A forums without leaving the comfort of one’s own home.

Event chats are effecient, time-saving, and affordable. Moreover, it comes with 5
different chat types and it’s fairly simple to integrate into your website!

Different RumbleTalk Chat Types designed for businesses of all sizes

RumbleTalk offers 5 Chat Types that you can use and interchange any time you want.

1. Social Chat– A public group chat where everyone can join the conversation. Built for
public events, communities, and open discussions.

2. Member’s Chat – A private group chats exclusively for members only. Use this for
closed private discussions, VIP events, or online classes. You can also add a log-in
page so you can restrict the chat to a specific user only.

3. Private Chat – A private one-on-one chat where users can communicate with other
users. Perfect for networking and dating.

4. Expert’s Chat– A private one-on-one chat where only the admin can initiate a
conversation with other users. Used in healthcare consultations, online job fairs, and
one-on-one tutoring.

5. Moderated Chat – A public group chats with an administrator to moderate the
conversation. The admin can perform functions such as screen inbound messages
before it goes live. We’ll discuss more of the admin features below.

Smartly-designed engagement features

RumbleTalk chats are packed with smartly-designed tools you can use to improve the
interaction and audience participation during your events. Here are some of the features
you can use:
1. Have one-on-one video and audio calls
2. Create multiple chat rooms for online booths
3. Customize the look of your chat using the design panel
4. Add a welcome message
5. Mention a fellow user
6. Turn words into links with InText Keywords
7. Play Youtube videos directly into the chat
8. Share anything with the Multimedia Sharing tool
9. Let your audience participate with Polls

Special functions of an administrator

Once you switch to the Moderated Chat, you will be required to assign an administrator
from your team. He or she will have the power to do the following:
1. Approve or reject messages before it goes live
2. Host a Moderated Q&A session
3. Export chat transcript
4. Mute everyone at once to keep the spotlight on your presentation or announcement
5. Slow down the chat to limit the number of messages a user can send at a time
6. Clear the chat history
7. Disconnect or ban users to prevent spammers and problematic chatters
8. Filter profanity or specific keywords

Enjoy a code-free event chat platform in seconds

RumbleTalk gives you and your guests what you need, when you need it. It’s more than
just a chat tool—it’s a complete event chat plugin that gives users access to chats,
polls, photos, video calls, and more.

Designed specifically with live events in mind, RumbleTalk is quick to set up and simple
to use—it even works on mobile phones. Furthermore, it’s an easy-to-use and highly
customizable event chat that is compatible with any platform.

Try it out by getting your free chat at or message their support
anytime team for assistance.



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