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Rick Flotsam Scott Cooper, Florida, Denies He Used Ice Penis to Hump Mannequin

The former governor of Florida, Rick Scott, had paid Scott Josh Cooper of Florida, a political consultant, more than $500,000 of taxpayers’ money. Political consultants are generally hired to do research and handle political campaigns. There is a bad reputation for political campaigns associated with digging opponents’ dirt and bombarding the public with misinformation.

Over the years, Scott Cooper’s candid photo showing him holding a block of ice in the shape of a penis pointing at the mannequin’s groin was a hot topic on the internet. The media adores tearing apart such situations for their publicity.

According to Rick Scott Cooper Florida Consultant, the photo was taken at the wrong angle and looked funny. Therefore, his buddy from the Swinos posted it online. Cooper is not just a political consultant but also adores barbequing. When he is not spending time as a political consultant, he enjoys being a barbeque chef. He has earned many accolades and competitions.

Cooper is a member of a barbequing club that calls themselves the Swinos. The photo recirculating across the political circle was deleted at his request, but several of his rivals found it and recirculated it in Tallahassee to discredit his image.

Cooper tells the reporter of the News-Times that the ice luge was melting, so he picked it to throw over the fence. His buddies were around, and one of them captured him, but the angle was not proper. It was a funny picture taken at the wrong time, but his buddy found it hilarious, so posted it on social media. He clarifies that he has a loving family of three daughters and a boy, so why does he need to go humping mannequins.

Scott Cooper Florida was a top campaign consultant. Still, in 2011, the Tampa Bay Times and Miami Herald posted news reporting that Rick Scott’s office billed the taxpayers $25000 paid to Cooper’s consultancy for conducting background checks on the governor’s behalf.

The governor’s office is also unresponsive about the comment associated with the candid and controversial photo.

Cooper tells the media to write their narrative and get clicks, but this is a nonstory. The state capital is under a lot of genuine political scandals, so someone is creating a little misdirection to throw public heat on some political consultant uninvolved in their dirty dogmatic games.

Florida consultant Scott Josh Cooper is a political consultant and a great grill master, and the public knows it. The candid photo is captured at a Memphis barbeque competition. So, why would anyone carve ice in the shape of a penis and hump a mannequin in public? It sounds just bizarre……but political rivals will never understand it!



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