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Reasons You Must have a Mobile-First Web Design in 2019

It is no secret that over 95% of users are on mobile. They want to access the internet on smart devices. If you are a business owner, you must adapt to these changes trends.

Here are some of the amazing reasons you must invest in a Mobile-First Design for your business website:

Increased Exposure

A mobile-first site will increase the amount of exposure you receive significantly. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) by Google serves as a secondary version of your website. It does not have Java, toys, heavy images, and widgets to kill the speed of a website’s landing page. AMP on your site will encourage Google to cache your page to make it serve faster to users who visit your site for a specific piece of info.

It will also help your website boost significantly in rankings on varied mobile devices owing to better user experience. When your website pages load faster, it reduces the bounce rate and encourages user to stick around to go through your content. This boosts your CTR (click through rate). Some of the other benefits include higher rankings, increased page views, and a significant boost in user experience on your business website or blog.

Brilliant User Experience

If you wish to turn website traffic into your clients, focus on giving them a smoother, easier and amazing navigation. The better user experience your website focuses on, the more you succeed. Much has been said and written about user experience (UX) online. When you integrate good UX, you are actually making your users comfortable. They will not get lost while navigating through your website.

No wonder sticky headers are a standard on websites these days. The headers are very helpful in boosting chances of users navigating to multiple pages of your website. One can find information faster and reduce the opportunity to leave unsatisfied.

Implementation of mobile-first navigation through one of the professional web designers in Miami looks amazing and provides users solid reason to stay. It also reduced their chances of pressing the back button.

Google SERPs

At present, Google is using several different metrics to measure a website’s capability to help the user find exact information. Metrics of a website such as page load speed, amp implementation, click through rate and use of navigation play a vital role in Google rankings. A professionally built website will provide your users a solid reason to recollect your business long after they leave the site. They will return and even share the amazing experience they had with others.

Money – AdSense

If you have a blog or website for business, it is important to monetize it. After all, you wish to get remunerated for our efforts! One of the profitable platforms for making this happen is AdSense. This can work if your website is mobile-friendly. Once you get this done, you will start getting ranked higher. The ads reflecting on your website have a higher prospect of being clicked by users. Implementation of AMP on your pages will help them load faster to increase overall chances of people viewing multiple pages of your site. They will also click on an ad.

A mobile-first website will benefit your potential client and Google. Once this happens, you start gaining profits!

Final Note

With so many compelling benefits of having a mobile first design for your website, it is time to reach out to an experienced professional and get one. It will help your business grow leaps and bounds while attracting quality traffic that stays on your site for long. Good Luck!


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