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Innocent Pets for a Healthful Living

Present a Smoke-Free World to Innocent Pets for a Healthful Living

 As a responsible citizen, you might have heard of the dangerous effects of smoking on human health. If you research deeply, you will get to know that the nicotine present in cigarettes is also pernicious for animals.

Charities worldwide warn pet owners to quit smoking as soon as possible to stop the prolonged damage to their furry friends. Taking vape around the pets does more harm to their health than you can’t even imagine. You might unknowingly do it, but you are responsible for the poisoning effects on your pets.

 Whether you vape or smoke, try to stay out of the reach of your infants and pets to ensure their well-being. Since you share the household with other members and pets, you must immediately maintain moral ethics and reduce your bad habits.

 Possible Dangers of Smoke on Pets

 Both second-hand and third-hand smoke is harmful to the pet’s well-being. Non-smokers, including infants and pets, inhale the smoke that gets released into the environmental air by secondhand smoke. On the other hand, the remnant of smoke gets attached to the skin of the animals and causes serious respiratory problems.

Since cats and dogs are often used to licking their fur, it is mandatory to bathe them regularly to prevent the risk of developing chronic diseases. From the residue of smoke, pets can experience oral, nasal, and lung cancer.

 From the smoke of cars, pets can pose higher risks of health problems. Therefore, all smokers need to be extra careful while taking their pets by car. It would be best to keep the vehicles smoke-free to minimize the suffering. To restrict the movement of your pets within a certain reach of your house, install an electrical dog fence under the yard and offer them a safe living.

 Signs that Ensure Your Pets Get Affected

 As a pet parent, you must opt for a regular check-up of your cat, dog, or other domesticated animals. Second-hand smoking is not only harmful to human health but for animals also. If you watch your dog with the following symptoms, it’s high time to take your pet to the vet.

  •         Vomiting
  •         Breathing issues
  •         The excessive flowing of saliva
  •         Abnormal heartbeat or congenital heart failure
  •         Looseness in bowel

 If you ever notice any suspicious bumps on your pet’s skin, you should not ignore them. Most times, it can be a prominent sign of cancerous cells. To prevent any chronic diseases, pets’ sudden bleeding, nasal discharge, or mouth sores should be immediately examined. From second-hand smoking, pets are more likely to experience various skin issues, including scratching, itching, lesions, and sores.  

 How to Protect Your Pets From the ill Effects of Smoking?

 If you can’t control bad habits like smoking or vaping, it’s better to do it outside the home. However, from research, it is seen that people who smoke outside can also make infants get more exposed than non-smoking individuals. So, you can understand that this also applies to your four-legged friends.

 Then, what would be your take on decreasing pet exposure? You must groom your pet regularly to eliminate all the residue from his/her skin. Also, practice steam cleaning the drapes, carpets, and furniture to maintain clear air surrounding your pet. In any situation, stop yourself from vaping tobacco around your pet.

 Final Verdict

 The best way you can give your pets a shield against the harmful effects of smoking is by discontinuing tobacco use altogether. There’s no doubt that this process can maintain your health at its best. On noticing minimal signs of cancer diseases on your pet, you should not wait to contact your veterinarian. Starting the treatment at the earliest stage can improve your pet’s health conditions and help quick recovery.  



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