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Number of different softwares for graphic design

So, what programs do you really need to become a top-tier graphic designer? Well, if you are trying to find which are the best ones then you are definitely in the right place. Let us get started!

First of all taking the step of exploring your options when it comes to the best graphic design software is very critical, simply because if you try to learn everything at once then you will simply become a jack of all trades and a master of none. That is why trying to master one program at a time is usually regarded as the best approach. Nevertheless, it is impossible to give a “one-answer fits all” to a question like this, which is because different graphic design software programs, each have their different pros that suit different needs. That is why that first question to ask yourself is, what are your goals as a graphic designer?

Take a minute to really think about that question before proceeding.

Adobe Photoshop

This program is probably the most popular ones out of the few that we will mention. If you are in the game of photo editing, compositing and manipulation then Photoshop is for you. The program is raster based, which is basically a fancy way of saying that the software is based on the use of pixels, millions of them. In other words, as you zoom in, you will find that the images are made of a grid of different squares, and each square has a color, and then as you zoom out, the picture starts to form. That might actually be a bit problematic when making logos because those logos if scaled to a larger size will have “rough edges” as a direct result of the pixels. Of course, Photoshop has a number of other uses, from airbrushing and retouching pictures to making out images and applying filters (before Instagram Photoshop was pretty much the only way to apply some nice filters to your masterpieces)

Adobe illustrator

Are you looking to become a logo designer and perhaps make logos for companies and individuals? In this case, illustrator would be right for you. It is usually regarded as the “industry standard”. If you deal with anyone in this sphere professionally, then they will likely want to deal with vector files like .eps and .ai and will not accept anything less. This is because it is a vector-based program. Hence, you can simply scale your logo to a size that is as big as you want or as small as you want, and the quality will remain the same. Moreover, Adobe Illustrator is often chosen by individuals who deal with merch design. Keep in mind, you will have to pay a monthly fee to use adobe illustrator

Adobe InDesign

This is basically the world-standard layout program, it allows you to create print in the forms of documents like cards, magazines, brochures, and reports. It has also grown to be a cross-platform solution to create interactive documents like pdfs and presentations. Since this one is arguably the least known on the list, we will briefly go through some of their basic functionalities:

  • It allows you to import your existing word or excel document with just a few clicks and then you can get to work!
  • Adjust your font easily
  • Import one or multiple images at a time
  • Easily move, crop of scale them to the size of your choice
  • Automated table of contents
  • QR code content

Some of their functionalities can be done in other programs, but through the use of their parameters and guidelines, you are able to streamline your process and save yourself a lot of valuable time.

At the end of the day, the choice of program really depends on your specific goals. If this does not seem like your lane, remember that there is always the option to delegate this type of work in you business to specialized agencies!


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