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Notable Trends Dominating the Engagement Ring Fashion Industry

The fashion industry never hits the pause button; it is always active. If there were ever a statement that was so true, this would be it. What is trending today may no longer be the case tomorrow. And this applies to all fashion accessories, including clothes, bags, and jewelry. 

The bridal industry keeps on seeing new trends. There is always a new lineup of engagement rings, wedding bands, and other bridal jewelry. It could explain why the bridal jewelry industry commands a significant market share. As of 2021, it was worth $249.02 billion. The experts place the CAGR at 8.5% from 2022 to the end of 2013. 

There is a lot of innovation and disposable income, which could drive up product demand. There is also the changing perception of consumers toward bridal jewelry. It is now a status symbol that many aspire towards. 

Our article looks at engagement rings in the context of the fashion World. We will explore trends dominating in 2022. 

Solitaire Engagement Rings are Still Popular

One trend that continues to remain popular is the solitaire engagement ring. Their main appeal is how minimalistic, simple and timeless they are. Yet, this does not compromise the elegance and sophistication they have. 

You will also love the versatility of solitaire engagement rings. They pair well with any wedding band design. If you go for the classic band, the sparkling diamond on the engagement ring adds a stylish element. Yet, even with more elaborate bands, the solitaire ring manages to hold its own. We don’t expect this trend to go anywhere anytime soon. 

More Interest In Colored Engagement Rings

Anyone who knows diamonds will advise on going for the iciest or clearest ones. After all, clarity and color are significant grading factors. But there is a shift in preferences. Brides are gravitating toward diamond and gemstone colors like green, champagne, or cool ones. 

The inclusion of color makes the engagement ring more outstanding. Instead of a colorless solitaire engagement ring, go for colored diamonds as the centeropiece. It will instantly elevate or enhance the appeal of the ring. 

The naturally mined diamonds have a low ratio of colored diamonds, pink is the rarest of them but with lab-grown diamonds, you can get any color as they are made in the lab under controlled and desired conditions. You can choose yours according to your convenience and budget.

Please note, lab-grown diamonds are also much cheaper. You could end up spending up to 70% less than you would on natural diamonds. Even a couple that does not have too much money to spend on diamond engagement rings can now afford them. 

Another exciting trend taking advantage of colored stones is the stacked designs. There is more leeway with combinations and shapes. It also provides a fantastic way to highlight a centerpiece. 

Surrounding a colorless diamond with colored stones will make it stand out more. The result is a stunning engagement ring that has so much personality.

Men’s Engagement Rings Taking Centerstage

Move aside, brides-to-be. The fashion world is becoming more inclusive when it comes to engagement rings. 

For a long time, the groom proposed to the bride with an engagement ring. That means, it is only the ladies who would wear engagement rings. 

 But now, men are also shopping for rings as a sign of commitment to their partners. And, the gents are not limiting themselves in ring design choices. Diamond solitaire rings, class rings, and signet rings are the rage. 

Gender-Neutral Engagement Rings 

Gender-fluid engagement ring designs are becoming more popular. Gone are the days of dainty rings adorning the bride-to-be’s fingers. Now some exciting designs are becoming quite popular. 

Ladies have the option of chunkier, bolder designs. Indeed, such were typically amongst men’s lines. But now, brides can get a gender-neutral design that better fit their personality. 

Some of the gender-neutral engagement rings feature wide bands. The emphasis is more on the band than the prominence of the center stone. The design aspect is excellent for men who tend to keep things understated. It also makes engagement rings a better option for everyday wear. 

Unique Gemstone Combinations

There is nothing reticent about modern brides. They’re not afraid to express their personality with the choice of engagement rings. 

Many brides-to-be are leaning towards gemstone combinations for their engagement rings. Think of a diamond as the centerpiece, surrounded by emeralds or pearls. The idea is to use two complimentary gemstones in the Rain design. 

The fashion industry has coined a name for the trend. It goes by the phrase Toi et Moi rings. The direct translation of the French words is ‘you and me. 

The beauty of double stones is the symbolism of bringing two people together as a couple. The bride and groom have leeway to choose gemstones or diamonds that express their unique preferences. Incorporating them into one ring means you wear something dear to your beloved daily. 

There is also the option of three-stone rings. While it was a fashion trend some time ago, an exciting resurgence is now occurring. The three stones are symbolic of the past, present, and future. It represents the interesting stages in the couple’s love journey.

Ring designers can express their creativity with multi-stone rings. It allows for the bringing forth of unique artistry and distinctiveness. 

Vintage Style Engagement Rings

 How many of you are familiar with the lion king’s famous quote, “The circle of life”? This applies to the fashion industry as well because fashion can go in cycles. That is why we keep on seeing a re-emergence of past trends. And true to that is the vintage style engagement rings that are making a huge comeback. 

Some brides incorporate family heirlooms in the designs. But others are getting inspiration from vintage. These include hand engraving, filigree designs, milgrain, and draping.  

The more traditional cushion cuts are also making a comeback. The popularity could lie in the timelessness of such classic designs. 

Final Thoughts

The 2022 fashion trend for engagement rings is quite interesting. There seems to be a greater focus on individual preferences and self-expression. Interesting designs like gender-neutral engagement rings provide more variety. 

Both the groom and bride can choose something that fits their preferences. The acceptance of lab grown diamond rings allows more couples to buy prized stones. Yet they don’t have to spend as much money as they would if purchasing natural diamonds. The combination of different colored gemstones is also quite exciting. 


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