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McDonald’s Smart Card In The Netherlands: A Modern Take On Food Hacking

Introducing the MCD platform

In the Netherlands, McDonald’s is popular for its fries and burgers, but it’s also experimenting with another way to get customers in the door: using a digital loyalty card. Called MCD (McDonald’s digital loyalty card), the platform allows customers to track their food purchases, redeem rewards, and even order food through the app.

The idea behind MCD is that it will make ordering food at McDonald’s more convenient for customers. And while some may view this as a modern take on food hacking, McDonald’s is simply responding to changing customer behavior. According to Marketing Manager Pieter de Boer, “We’ve seen that Dutch people love to use their smartphones and tablets when they’re out and about … so we wanted to make it easy for them to order their food.”

So far, MCD has been very successful in the Netherlands. In just over six months since it launched, the platform has already reached 1 million users and has generated €2 million in revenue. And while McDonald’s hasn’t announced any plans to bring MCD overseas yet, we can only imagine that if it does, customers around the world will be eager to adopt it.

How does the MCD platform work?

McDonald’s is using a modern take on food hacking with its smart card platform. The MCD platform lets customers order and pay for their food with the use of their smartphone. Customers can also track their food order and receive real-time notifications when their food is ready. This system seems to be working well in the Netherlands, where McDonald’s has seen strong growth in recent years.

Eating out and food hacking on the MCD platform

McDonald’s Netherlands is taking a modern approach to food hacking by introducing its Smart Card service. The Smart Card allows customers to pre-pay for their meal and skip the line, making dining at MCD more convenient and faster.

The Smart Card also offers discounts on food items, including fries and McCafés. This modern take on food hacking gives customers the opportunity to save money while enjoying their favorite McDonald’s menu items.

McDonald’s Smart Card is a great way to simplify food ordering and make dining at MCD more convenient. With its fast service and discounts on popular menu items, the Smart Card is sure to become a popular option among Dutch customers.

What is a McDonald’s Smart card?

McDonald’s Smart card is a loyalty card that allows customers to earn rewards at participating McDonald’s restaurants in the Netherlands. The card is inserted into the customer’s phone and used to pay for food and drinks.
McDonald’s Smart card is a modern take on food hacking, as customers can collect rewards by spending their money at participating McDonald’s restaurants. This allows customers to save money on their food purchases and also receive rewards for their loyalty.

Pros and Cons of using this new technology

McDonald’s Smart Card In The Netherlands: A Modern Take On Food Hacking

If you’re familiar with the fast-food giant McDonald’s in the United States, then you’re probably already familiar with their Smart Cards. These cards are a modern take on food hacking, allowing you to order your food without having to use traditional methods like cash and credit cards.
While this technology is great for simplifying your ordering process, it also has its share of pros and cons. Here are a few of each:
Pro: No need to carry around cash or credit cards – just bring your Smart Card!
Con: You have to be registered with McDonald’s in order to use the Smart Card, so it may not be suitable for everyone.
Overall, the pros of using a Smart Card at McDonald’s outweigh the cons by a large margin. If you’re looking for an easy way to order your food without having to deal with any traditional methods, this is definitely the option for you.


If you’re a fan of McDonald’s in the Netherlands, then you might be interested to know that they now have a modern take on food hacking – with their Smart Card. The Smart Card is an NFC-enabled card that allows customers to pay for their meal with a simple tap of the card on the reader at the register. This streamlined payment system makes it easier for customers who are already familiar with using NFC technology, and it also eliminates the need for change. If you’re not familiar with how NFC works, don’t worry — I’ll explain more below. In short, this is another example of McDonald’s innovating in order to stay ahead of the curve and provide an exceptional dining experience for their Dutch customers.



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