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Know All About Charging Your Electric Vehicle

Like charging your mobile phone, your EV also has to be charged. Yes! EV drivers charge their vehicles in a variety of ways, just like people charge their mobile phones in various ways.

While they sleep at night, some people often prefer to charge their mobile phones. Some people work while charging their workstations. Others utilise chargers anywhere they can, whether it be in their car, house, or even at the airport.

The good news is that, like with charging your mobile phone, there are a variety of ways to charge your EV as well.

Most electric vehicles that you may run in Australia will be using Type 2 Charging Cable for charging the battery. You can always find a space cable from Jucer, if you feel the need for having an extra cable at home.

It always makes sense that you would be weighing your all-available alternatives whether you are looking to purchase your first EV or are thinking about upgrading.

How you fill your metaphorical tank is one of the key differences between owning an electric vehicle (EV) and a conventional car with an internal combustion engine (ICE).

The move from filling up a tank with gas to using electricity to charge a battery can be frightening for some people at the beginning what if you run out of battery charge in the middle of nowhere?

However, in actuality, EV range concern is more psychological than it is related to EV range (or the availability of charging stations).

EV charging locations

Although it may seem simple, the only place to fill up a gas car is at a gas station. With an EV, however, you can charge your car almost anywhere such as:

  • At your house
  • At the office
  • At a restaurant
  • While you are eating
  • While you are shopping
  • While it is parked on the street
  • You may also top off the battery at any gas station that is no longer appropriately labelled.

Therefore, choosing to purchase an EV and considering how to charge it go hand in hand. However, because it functions a little differently from how we are all used to, it may be rather perplexing, especially since you have to learn a lot of new concepts.

How long will it take to fully charge your electric vehicle?

Most drivers of conventional vehicles believe that charging takes an eternity. The majority of their charging, however, may be done at home or at work, where their automobile may “load up” while standing stationary all day or all night. This is because energy is readily available everywhere.

Additionally, the majority of non-EV drivers are unaware of DC fast charging, which presently allows for a 15 to 45-minute charge. And it only takes a minute or two simply plug in and tap on the application to start your session when you locate an EV charger that works with your journey to the store or to the park.

After that, the car and the charger will work together as you run your business for those 15 to 45 minutes!


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