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Know All About A DevOps Course Here

Every business that utilizes applications in some capacity must function in a service-oriented digital environment where automation is required for application development to be quick, efficient, logical, compliant, and as perfect as feasible. DevOps, which combines agile and lean operations approaches with collaborative process development and operations workers throughout the development lifecycle, has become increasingly popular. DevSecOps technologies are making security an increasingly significant aspect of that jigsaw today.

Everyone participating in any element of application development, engineering, networking, and sysadmin — as well as other professions — must continuously seek to learn the tools and practices of the DevOps process. This is true for new IT professionals and seasoned developers who must stay current with shifting technologies, trends, and teams.

 Best Platforms To Know All About DevOps Courses

No matter where you are in your career, this list should help you get off to a strong start. The objective is to assist you in advancing your DevOps course in ways that are advantageous to your career, team, business, clients, and the caliber of your applications.

  1. Training Library for DevOps at Cloud Academy

The Cloud Academy’s comprehensive catalog of business-focused courses covers everything from the fundamentals of DevOps training and certification to more advanced DevOps skill sets and methodologies. This comprises several classes covering each topic and most of the current DevOps tools. The company’s education division that created the product or platform sponsors or works in conjunction with the online courses a trained instructor teaches. The cost of each circuit varies, and students can either follow a predetermined path with all of their systems integrated or select specific courses based on their needs. A certification and examination level are included in every lesson.

  1. Education Program with Edureka DevOps Certification

The Edureka DevOps Certification Training Program is a live, certified, instructor-led online course that offers a comprehensive understanding of several DevOps tools through an entirely hands-on approach. With practical demonstrations utilizing virtual machines, classes last between 2.5 and 6 weeks after completing the course’s twelve modules with case studies, which offer real-world scenarios; candidates who pass the test are awarded the DevOps Engineer Certification, which many organizations respect in the IT and business sectors. A trained practitioner will be knowledgeable about the best methods for CI/CD, continuous testing, configuration management, and ongoing monitoring of software development.

  1. Coursera DevOps Certification

Leading institutes of higher learning and prominent corporations are funding these 24 distinct DevOps courses on Coursera. Introduction to CI/CD, DevOps microservices, Kubernetes, application development with Google Cloud, and more are covered in the courses. Leading professors from premier universities and educational institutes worldwide are the lecturers. There are video lectures, peer reviews, and forums for community debate.

  1. Open Edx DevOps Courses

These 16 edX courses offer a one-stop shop for some of the most popular DevOps courses. This contains all of the Microsoft Professional Program in DevOps courses and classes from Red Hat, The Linux Foundation, and AWS on Kubernetes, containers, cloud computing, and AWS app deployment on AWS. Courses typically last four weeks, are offered online, allow for self-direction, and are instructed by qualified and skilled teachers.

  1. Cloud DevOps Engineering Program at Udacity

An introduction to DevOps course and rigorous Nanodegree Programs for Cloud Developer and Cloud DevOps Engineers are all available through Udacity. The four-month Cloud DevOps Engineering Program is taught by seasoned, real-world professors who work in DevOps for big corporations and includes projects from industry professionals and real-world projects. The curriculum offers career advisors, technical mentors, and a flexible study schedule. The free, three-week Intro to DevOps Course from Nutanix is designed for IT professionals who want to learn more about DevOps processes and architecture.

  1. ROI DevOps Foundations Training

Students gain knowledge of how to deploy web and microservice apps to public, private, or hybrid cloud environments automatically using open-source tools like Git, Docker, Kubernetes, and Jenkins in ROI Training’s two-day DevOps course. Although activities in the course are completed on the Google Cloud Platform, the teachings are transferable to any platform. A DevOps overview, DevOps tools, Docker containers and microservices, Kubernetes, Automating Deployment and Version Testing, and CI/CD pipelines are just a few of the course’s many components. On-site or online delivery of classes is also an option.

  1. DevOps training programs on Lynda

One of the biggest and most well-known suppliers of business, creative, and technological training and education courses is Lynda, which recently changed its name to LinkedIn Learning. Their contribution to DevOps is no different. There are approximately 300 DevOps courses available, ranging in length from one to three hours, covering every facet of DevOps. Additionally, over 600 micro-videos on the website cover all aspects and technologies of DevOps, from basic to sophisticated, and last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour.

  1. Training on DevOps with MindMajix

The MindMajix DevOps training program is available with video and live training options. It is intended to provide students with a solid foundation in numerous facets of software development and operations. With more than 30 hours of certified instructor-led instruction and practical examples, the course adopts a hands-on methodology. After successful completion, students receive a certificate and lifelong access to recorded sessions.

Wrapping Up

Most people mistakenly believe that DevOps, which stands for “development and operations,” refers to software or a programming language, but this is not the case. Within the same IT department or company, it is a concept or mindset that allows the development and operation teams to collaborate effectively.

If you want to work as a DevOps Engineer for one of the largest organizations or Fortune 500 tech companies in the world and advance your career by learning how to collaborate within the same organization, DevOps training and certification will help you understand how organizations function and make you comfortable with how the product life cycle works.


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