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Kilahuna Is Mysterious And Terrifying, But Taylor Chien’s ‘The Resort’ Makes Life A Little More

Kilahuna is a mysterious, eerie, and terrifying place. These are just some of the words that can describe the main character of Taylor Chien’s new film The Resort. Set on this island in Hawaii, there is something unnatural about this small town. But Taylor Chien’s new film brings life to this seemingly dead world with its cheerful cast and colorful characters.

The Setting: Kilahuna Island

Kilahuna Island is a mysterious and terrifying place, but Taylor Chien’s “The Resort” makes life a little more bearable. Kilahuna is located in Hawaii and is known for its snorkeling, diving, and surfing opportunities. The island is also said to be the home of the Yeti, the legendary creature that has never been seen or photographed.

Taylor Chien’s novel tells the story of two friends – Miles and Lulu – who decide to spend their summer break on Kilahuna. While Miles is excited to explore the island’s many secrets, Lulu is bored and restless. She quickly falls into a deep depression, leading her to believe that the island is cursed.

Despite this dark beginning, “The Resort” eventually becomes a much-loved tale of friendship and self-discovery. The characters learn about themselves and each other in unexpected ways, and the island itself gradually reveals its secrets. This lush novel takes readers on an unforgettable journey through Kilahuna’s stunning landscape and intriguing history.

What Happens In ‘The Resort’?

The Kilahuna Resort is a mysterious and terrifying place, but Taylor Chien’s “The Resort” makes life a little more bearable. Located on the shore of the Kilahuna Bay in Hawaii, the resort is said to be haunted by the ghosts of its former guests. The stories of what happens in “The Resort” are enough to keep visitors coming back for more, no matter how scary they may find it.

Why Did Kilahuna Become a Destination?

Kilahuna is an enigmatic place, and it’s no wonder that it has drawn people to its shores for centuries. The island is surrounded by dramatic coastline, crystal-clear water, and lush rainforest. In addition to its natural beauty, Kilahuna also has a dark history. The people of Kilahuna have long been rumored to be cannibals, and the island is home to some of the most dangerous wildlife in all of Hawaii.

Despite these dangers, Kilahuna has managed to retain a sense of mystery and intrigue. It’s now a popular tourist destination, and visitors can enjoy everything from peaceful walks along the beach to thrilling kayaking expeditions. The “The Resort” hotel on Kilahuna Island is particularly popular among tourists because of its beautiful setting and luxurious amenities.

Taylor Chien’s Inspiration for the Film

Taylor Chien’s film, “The Resort”, tells the story of two young people who decide to visit a cabin in Kilahuna, Hawaii. While there, they become entangled in a dark mystery that threatens their lives. The film is inspired by Taylor’s own experiences visiting Kilahuna as a teenager.

Kilahuna is an isolated community located on the north shore of Kaua’i. It is known for its creepy history and eerie landscapes. The resort in the film is based on the real-life Kilahuna Lighthouse, which was abandoned in 1935 and is now considered one of Hawaii’s most haunted locations. Taylor spent months researching this location and consulted with locals to ensure accuracy in the film.

“The Resort” is a suspenseful and atmospheric thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.


Taylor Chien’s “The Resort” is an eerie and terrifying novel about a group of people who are held captive at a remote resort. The book is set in the 1980s and tells the story of a group of friends who are lured to the resort by promises of an exciting vacation, but soon find themselves trapped and subjected to horrifying tests. Kilahuna, the isolated resort where the group is held, is both fascinating and terrifying, and Chien’s atmospheric writing makes it feel like a real place. “The Resort” is an intense and gripping read that will leave readers feeling unsettled and terrified.


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