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IT Services

IT Services means all business related technical expertise for enhancement,creation, and management of business process for getting maximum level of profits. IT services are divided into to different types according to the skills that are employed in delivery of service such as design, run and build. Services are more categorized into infrastructure services, application services and process services. If above said services are outsourced they will be referred as BPO,AO IO respectively.

On other IT stands for Information technology and IT services means computer related assistance to business in trouble shooting, installation, repair, updation, removal of equipment and training of personal to better implement technical strategies.

Service management works under the definition of service. Well defined services enable help customer to better understand eligibility, service limitation, expense and do`s and donot`s of service.

Rapid start

Basically fives faq`s should be answered to better define service. Those fundamental questions are given below.

  1. How to avail service and what actually it is?
  2. Information regarding use of service and support.
  3. Costing of service.
  4. Service support system.
  5. How did delivery of service done.

Types of IT services

Services differ according to the nature of business and organization. For example a business of shoes can get the services different than the software company. Following are the types of services with respect to nature of business.

 1-Software company

A company selling its software can use IT services to promote and to retain its business. IT services may be the software which is installed on website of the company and the database which is attached with the web site. IT services of software company also consists of technical support.

Hardware Company

No company can servive without the support of IT services in current market. No product can get success without proper technical support. So IT services in shape of technical support have huge importance in the success of product.

Shopping business

Modern world is a global village and no business can get success without the going online. Converting business online and processing sales by online method is also a shape of IT services.

Local business

No local business can get success without the IT support. Physical or local business also needs IT services to manage business properly and successfully.

IT service companies

IT service providers differ with respect to the mode of service. Most of the high profiled companies works all around the world by outsourcing their services. You can get best results by hiring best team of IT services.

Some examples of IT service works

A person manages its company accounts with proper accounting procedure with the help of ledgers,cash books, balance sheets and profit & loss statements. Here ledgers, balance sheets, cash books and profit & loss statements are IT Services. In the same way a person starts its dairy business and uses proper shed, cattle tagging, accounting and other modern tasks will be considered as IT service user.

Information technology services in broader sense

IT is commonly considered as use of computer in any type of activity whereas it is far broader than it. A person who is manually making bricks with a metal pattern also using IT services of metal pattern to mold bricks. He did not used any computer but only a pattern. In our daily life we use IT services in very large scale unintentionally. A boat man uses engine to run its boat will also be considered IT service user. A teacher teaching a class and uses projector to better taught, An engineer uses electrical tools to check electricity fault is also using IT service.

Conclusion of above discussion is that if you want to understand IT services you have to think in broader sense. You have to study lower level of IT service to high level. You have to understand past and present procedure of any services to better relate it to IT services.


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