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How to Write an Essay – What Every Student Needs To Know

Writing an essay is one of the most important skills you can learn. It’s a vital tool for every student, whether you’re in high school or college. You’ll need to write essays in order to get into college, pass your classes and graduate on time. One way to help make sure your writing skills are up to par is by learning how to write an essay correctly. So today we’re going over everything you need to know about writing a great essay!


The introduction is the first paragraph of your essay. It should be short and to the point, explaining why you’re writing this particular piece. Let’s say you want to write about how important it is for teenagers in high school to go on a field trip every once in awhile so they can see what other people are doing, as well as learn more about themselves and their own interests. In this case, your introduction would include:

  • Your topic (the importance of field trips)
  • A thesis statement (that teenagers need field trips)

Body Paragraph One

In a body paragraph, you will state the main idea of your essay. The first sentence should be a concise and direct statement about what you are going to cover in this part of the essay. You can use transition words such as “in addition,” “but,” and “moreover” to connect ideas within each paragraph. For example:

  • In addition, I believe that social media has changed how we communicate with our friends and family because now we can easily connect with others around the world through blogs, Twitter feeds and Facebook pages.
  • But this doesn’t mean that it’s always easy finding information when we need it! Sometimes there isn’t much out there so students often feel lost or confused when trying new things like starting up their own blog or creating an online portfolio for their work experience at school (or wherever).

Body Paragraph Two

Body paragraph two should include the following:

  • A topic sentence that summarizes your thesis and ties it back to the previous body paragraph.
  • Supporting details, such as examples and statistics, that provide evidence for your claim.

Body Paragraph Three

The third body paragraph should follow a logical sequence and be written in the same order as it is listed in the introduction. This means that if you have an introduction with three paragraphs, then your second and third body paragraphs should also be structured similarly to how they were presented in that first paragraph.

The topic sentence of this section should capture what we’ve learned thus far: “Thesis Statement: In this essay, I will explain how to write an essay using examples from my own experiences with writing essays throughout high school.”

This statement should not only state your main point but also support it by using specific examples from real life situations or from literature that relate back to what has been discussed thus far (or both).


The final section of your essay is where you summarize your main points and reiterate the thesis statement. You need to do this because it will help ensure that readers can easily see all of the different parts of your argument.

If you’ve done your work well, readers should be able to see how everything fits together by reading through this last section. This means that there are no loose ends left behind at this point—everything is tied up tightly enough so that nothing can come back later on in unexpected ways!

You may want to ask questions like: “What do I think?” “Why did I write my paper?” Or even just simply state how much fun writing an essay was for me.”

Knowing how to write an essay may just be your key to academic success.

Writing an essay can be a daunting task, but knowing how to write one will help you achieve your academic goals. There are many different types of essays, and they all follow a similar structure.

Here are the essential elements of a good introduction:

  • State the main point of your topic with clarity and conciseness
  • Identify who or what inspired you to write this piece (i.e., who else has written about this topic)
  • Introduce yourself by providing relevant details about yourself or your relationship with others involved in this project/research project etcetera…

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With the right guidance, you can learn how to write an essay that will help you succeed in college and beyond. Hopefully this article has given you some ideas on what constitutes an effective essay—and how to go about actually creating one. If you’re still stuck on where to start when it comes time for your own work, don’t worry! The best way to get started is usually just by reading through examples of essays written by experts in their field (like those mentioned above). Once you get a sense for what makes a good piece of writing, then it should be easy enough from there.



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