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How to Tell If Your Laptop Needs Repair

Is your laptop displaying error warnings, running applications poorly, or suddenly closing down?

Although there might be a variety of causes for this, some are much more significant than others. The following are the most prevalent red signals that route to laptop repair in Calgary.

  1. The battery is dead.

You may require a replacement battery if your laptop won’t be holding a charge, won’t charge entirely, or truly can’t start charging at all. A laptop’s battery life is typically three to four years, depending on how you use and recharge it.

Your OS may alert you with a red “X” above your battery symbol in your tasks menu if it’s approaching the breaking point. If not, you can check the remaining strength of your battery with third-party software.

  1. Unexpected shutting down

A battery problem might be the cause of your laptop turning off amid a function. Ensure that your laptop is charged and connected, then switch it on after it has had a chance to charge.

It could potentially be a display issue. If your laptop is operating but still nothing appears on your screen, reboot it and check if it occurs anymore. If none of these problems apply, you may be dealing with a hard drive malfunction. This is usually an indication of a bigger, more complex issue.

  1. Death’s blue screen

Windows-based OS has safeguards in place to power down your laptop before significant problems arise, such as a hard disk failure. It will normally display a blue screen including an error code as a warning.

The “blue screen of death” has indeed been coined since these error notifications are foreboding and can inform you that there’s a major problem with your operating system, hard disks, or computer parts. Although it can occur once, maybe twice without repercussions, it’s usually a sign of a greater issue.

  1. Laptop overheating

Because all laptops are designed to grow heated, it’s best not to use laptops straight on your laps. Take a time to cool off your laptop by shutting it off, unplugging the charging cable, and doing a fast check if you’re utilizing a lap table or even other suitable surface and yet still feel the heat.

  • Allow the laptop to cool down for 10 minutes.
  • Remove the battery from the container.
  • It may well be better to upgrade the battery if it is really hot.
  • It’s also possible that the ventilation is becoming clogged; clean them out with a dusting cloth.
  • Make sure you’re working on a solid, flat surface with your laptop.
  • Consider purchasing a cooling pad.
  • Prevent using it on anything that hinders ventilation, such as soft bedding or a pillow.
  1. Noise from the laptop

This can be an indication of a blocked or dirty fan, obstructed ventilation, or accumulation inside the laptop, identical to the overheating issue. Follow the same steps that you did for the heating problem to see whether you can find the noise origin.

  • Is it a fan, perhaps? It would be a problem with occasional noise.
  • Is the DVD-ROM drive at blame? Check to check if the drive drawer stops when you eject it.
  • Is it possible that it’s the hard disk itself? Your hard disk may be failing if you hear clicking or cracking noises.
  • If you are unable to determine the interference problems on your own, contact a laptop repair expert.

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Keep a lookout for all the above-mentioned signs and contact laptop repair services immediately.


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