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How To Sell Your Music on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc. (and Earn Money)

A musician new or old has a dream to sell their albums in millions or break sales records often or perform in a sold-out event with fans shouting ‘once more’. Nevertheless, every new artist starts small or on the streets and if fortunate becomes legendary.

Unlike a decade ago, it was hard to get your music popular, but the internet has made it possible to sell your music online. In the past, artists had to work very hard for recording and sell. However, the traditional and current process is incomparable.

Today, you can get your music on Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Music, etc., and earn money. These music streaming apps help to display your talent. The apps host endless songs and offer music to a worldwide audience.

As these apps are enjoyed globally, artists need to make their songs available on them. If you are wondering how to put your music on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, etc. to exploit a worldwide audience then it is simple.

You will need a digital music distribution company that works as a medium between you [an artist] and the streaming apps or online music stores. If you are wondering how streaming apps pay then let’s understand.

How streaming app pays royalties?

Even if music fans stream music artists are paid just like they could earn from sales of physical records. To sell your music on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, TikTok, etc. you have to first get your song in their library with the help of an online music distributor. The music streaming apps use three different payout types.

  1. Mechanical royalties – These generate every time a music or song is digitally or physically reproduced. It means when users press play on the interactive streaming platform.
  2. Public performance royalties – These are received when your music is played or broadcast publicly.
  3. Payout to recording owners – It is an entire money amount containing every kind of royalty connected to the music that gets distributed to everyone involved in making the album.

There is countless music streaming apps ranging from giants like Spotify to Tidal. Every platform offers an exclusive pricing model, user base, and selling point. Therefore, the earnings per stream for every artist differ.

MusicDigi is a reliable online music distributor that has helped artists like Eryn Woods, Yungfakgod, etc., to enter the music world. Create an account and upload your music. The charges are one-time annual fees, which are affordable. Your royalties are also redirected to your account and the withdrawal process is also simple.

You get to upload your music on popular and niche platforms with ease. The streaming apps don’t directly deal with artists but are affiliated with online music distributors. You can get your music on TikTok, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc., attract fans and generate revenue.

Ensure to set a release day and take efforts to promote your music in as many ways as possible to enhance your streaming revenue.



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