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How To Select A School That Is Suitable For Dyslexic Students

Programs for dyslexia literacy are becoming more popular. Dyslexia, a reading disorder, affects the way that someone reads. This can make it difficult to understand the printed text. This can make it difficult to attend school, have trouble reading comprehension and cause problems when looking for work.

Dyslexia can be overcome through therapy and education. Unfortunately, many people with Dyslexia don’t have these resources. This is where dyslexia literacy programs come in. These programs give instruction and support to anyone who struggles to read. Here are some things to look out for when looking for these programs.

Teacher Qualifications

Students with dyslexia may be exceptionally intelligent but have trouble decoding, copying, concentrating, and keeping the information in short-term memory. This can make school challenging and often requires a different approach to dyslexia-friendly instruction. Staff members who are trained in dyslexia remedy can be able to empathize with the child and adjust their lesson delivery accordingly.

This could mean printing handouts using a dyslexia-friendly font and not on white paper. Or even emailing homework and reading materials directly into the child’s notebook. This could include not putting a child on the spot if they are reading aloud in front of the class, or asking them to take turns writing on a board.

Teacher Training

Some teachers are not trained to help dyslexic students. Non-specialist teachers are given support by schools for teaching dyslexic students. It is essential that teachers receive ongoing training to keep abreast of the latest research and how it affects classroom learning.

Assessment Policy

While a dyslexic child may be able to understand the topic and write an excellent report, they will not be able to show that same understanding in writing. Your child will be assessed in a way that allows for acquired knowledge. You may submit audio recordings of work if you can prove that your child is dyslexic.

What happens if a child is required to take a standardized exam at school? Will the time limit be extended or can written answers be made using a word processor computer? A student may be able to dictate answers to a teacher if needed.

Method Of Marking

How will writing work be marked? Red marks too often on a page can demotivate and make it ineffective. It can also cause children to dislike writing and have negative associations with learning and school.


Students with learning difficulties might need to go at their own pace and review the material until they feel ready to move on. This is sometimes called “overlearning” and can help to embed a concept in your long-term memory. Dyslexic learners can also benefit from the chance to move on to other areas of their interest. What is the school curriculum like? Are teachers aware that students have different learning styles and that they may be more tired than their peers when completing schoolwork?

Support Customized

To ensure that accommodations are being used to support students, will the school review them regularly? As a child develops, the program must be flexible. The goal is to eliminate barriers to education and create a supportive environment. Do schools aim to help students succeed or just get by? Is there a common policy that applies to all subjects for teachers who have learning difficulties?

School Ethos

How does the school view education? Is the school more concerned with helping learners achieve their potential or getting the best grades possible? Does the school’s website talk about academic pursuits as well? If in doubt, you can read between the lines of the Special Education Needs Policy.


You may have a better understanding of how to choose the ideal literacy program for your child after reading this article, but if you’re still unsure, you can speak with the experts at Read Academy. You will receive assistance from the experts at every stage of choosing the best school for your child.


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