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How To Securely Transfer WhatsApp Chat History From iPhone To Android?

You might think of transferring to an Android device from Iphone to use a wide range of packaged apps. It’s not like android is better than the Iphone vice versa, but both companies are well ranked according to their manufacturing and the quality of products is always awesome when we see a new Samsung device or Iphone. But when it comes to user friendly , the word “customizable” the easier way to do that is to have an Android but in case of safety and privacy of your data, you might be thinking of choosing apple but that doesn’t refer if Android’s devices do not provide the security feature.

Getting back to the context, when you think of transferring to the cross-platform, the main thing that is the most frustrating is to have your WhatsApp chat history restored on the new device even if it’s cross-platform, you might be thinking that how can it be possible but thanks to Dr.Fone Whatsapp Transfer, you can now easily perform Whatsapp transfer of chat history among multiple devices, even if they are from different platforms.


Dr.Fone Whatsapp Transfer app is designed by Wondershare company, one of the most-rated brands for making a useful application. When software is tagged as Wondershare, you know that it is a trusted one and you can share your personal information with it, but it doesn’t ask for the critical information and protect it from various attacks. But the main job of this awesome tool is to transfer the WhatsApp data from Iphone /Android to Android /Iphone or between the same devices.

One of the main features of this incredible app is that you can even backup the data from IPhone /Android on your local disk so to use it to restore if data is lost and you can also preview the data on your computer. So, it’ll help you to just copy the critical data you want and left the unnecessary data.

There is no app designed for IOS to just install from the store and back up the data, or even it doesn’t support google backup. So, you can’t use the iCloud ID on your android device to restore your WhatsApp data, as it is for the Iphone. So, The simplest thing you can do is to install the PC version of Dr.Fone on your system and use it to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android.

Procedure To Transfer WhatsApp Chat  with Dr.Fone-

Whatsapp Transfer

Dr.Fone WhatsApp Transfer is helpful to transfer the WhatsApp business chat history from Iphone to Android. It also features many other utility tools so using it you can perform many other useful activities like repairing the IOS or backup the Whatsapp data on the local disk.

Not only this tool is featured enough but also designed very well and simplistic so, even a novice can use it easily without any hesitation. If you want to transfer the essential WhatsApp data from Iphone to Android safely, read this guide to end, to securely perform this task, and prevent your data from getting lost.

Step 1:Download the tool

 Download Now

step one is all about downloading the specific tool from the official site, the web is filled with fake tools, just don’t accidentally download the fake version that is injected with some type of virus and always download the original version of Dr.Fone Whatsapp Transfer

Step 2: Install The App

After successfully downloading the app, now just by a few click install it on your computer. Follow the on-screen instruction and install it on your system easily. It never asks you for any critical or complicated information while installing, everything is done automatically.

Step3: Launch the App

After installation is completed, launch it using the start menu shortcut, or the shortcut on the desktop.

Step4: Tap on “Whatsapp Transfer”

Once you have launched the app, a screen will have appeared on the screen with multiple options. From the given options select the Whatsapp Transfer option. It simply leads you to the other screen with the various options featured below in the screenshot from where you can easily transfer the WhatsApp data.

Step5: Click the option “Transfer Whatsapp Messages”

Select this option if you want to transfer your essential WhatsApp chats to your android device from the IPhone, just make it sure that you have taken the backup of your previous messages, if not then the new data will be overwritten. If it’s your first time having your account on Android then don’t care and start transferring the file.

Step6: Connect the Devices properly

Make sure that the android and Iphone are connected properly to the system in a way that it will not get disturbed while transferring. Use the original data cable came with the phones just to avoid any damage. Low-quality data cables might cause damage to your device so always use the original one.

Step 7:Just Tap to Transfer

All done, just tap the transfer button to transfer the files. It might take a few minutes to transfer the WhatsApp chat to Android depending on the amount of the data. Don’t interrupt the transferring and keep the devices attached to avoid resetting the transfer.

Step 8: Wait until the transfer is completed

Once the transfer is completed, you’ll get a confirmation message on the window featuring the transfer is completed. Congrats, all is set, you have successfully shifted the WhatsApp data messages between devices.


Transferring WhatsApp data is a complicated task for an iphone user and things become more overwhelming when the WhatsApp transfer is needed from Iphone to Android but thanks to Dr.Fone to feature this wonderful tool, you can now transfer the WhatsApp chat history from both Whataspp and the business version of this app.

Just follow the steps in this guide to easily transfer the WhatsApp data, if you find any interruption while transferring, just ask us in the comment section. We’ll try to respond to you as soon as possible.


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