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CCIE Lab Exam

How to Pass CCIE Lab Exam

The full name of CCIE certification exam online store is Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert certification. It is a top certification in Cisco certification system and the IT industry. The number of CCIE experts is not fixed because there may be several people passing CCIE certification every day all over the world. According to the basic growth situation, there should be about 3,700 to 3,800 CCIE certificate holders in the world now, and the number in China should have exceeded 60. It is said that Cisco wants to limit the number of CCIEs. Although it is hearsay, there are such signs from the changes of the CCIE certification exam. Here I want to talk about a very important concept, that is, the active and inactive status of CCIE. The number of people who have passed CCIE certification is growing. However, in order to ensure the value of CCIE certificate, Cisco must re-certify CCIE certificate holders every two years. If you don’t pass the re-certification, your CCIE number is still reserved, but your status will change into inactive. In addition to reputation, you can’t get other privileges of active status.

CCIE certification is divided into three categories:

  1. Routing & Switching
  2. ISP & dial
  3. Wan Switching

If you want to apply for CCIE certification in China, you can only apply for the direction of Routing & switching. Now 99.9% CCIEs are Routing & switching CCIEs. The other two directions have just opened.

How to pass the written exam? CCIE certification exam is divided into two parts: the written exam and the lab exam (in fact, the written exam is much easier than the lab exam). The written exam should be available at all test sites registered with sylvan test center, and the fee is 200 US dollars. The scope of the exam listed above seems very vast. But the actual situation is not certain. Because the questions are selected by the computer at random, the exam may be difficult or simple. However, if you really want to pass the CCIE certification exam, please learn each part carefully. Otherwise, you are very likely to fail.

There is another point that before taking the lab exam of CCIE certification, you must first pass CCIE written exam. CCIE written exam lasts for 3 hours. It includes 100 objective questions, about 30-40% of which are multiple choices. The scope of the exam is very wide (although it is impossible to cover all the content on the Cisco home page, it is almost the same). The passing score is 70 points. What books should you read in order to pass the written exam? I recommend the following CCIE certification courses:

  1. ICRC (if you are not familiar with network and Cisco router)
  2. ACRC
  3. SNAM (this is very important and you will know the reason when you go to the exam)

In terms of the whole CCIE certification exam, if you pass the written exam, you have passed 50%. But if you calculate by the difficulty, you have only passed 10%. The following lab exam is more challenging. This is also the characteristic of CCIE certification exam and the reason why CCIE certification has always been the highest certification in the network industry.

How to pass the lab exam? CCIE’s lab exam is divided into three parts, which will be finished in a total of two days. If you don’t meet the requirements of any part, you can’t continue the exam. On the first day, the exam lasts from 9:30 to 11:45 in the morning and from 1:45 to 5:30 in the afternoon. The content is related to IP. The total score is 40 points. If you lose more than 15 points, you can’t take part in the exam the next day. Generally, if you lose more than 5 points on the first day, it is dangerous. (Of course, there are many exceptions.) If you are lucky enough to pass the first part (you won’t know the result until you go to the lab the next morning), you enter the next morning’s exam. On the next morning, the exam lasts from 9:00 to 12:00. It is mainly about multi-protocol. The total score is 35 points. If your score of the first two days is lower than 55 points, you will fail.

If you are lucky enough to pass the exam of the second part, you will enter the final part which lasts from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm on the second day. The content is about troubleshooting (This part has been changed, which is much more difficult than before, because Cisco wants to control the number of CCIEs.) The score is 25 points. Similarly, if the total score of the three parts is less than 80 points, you need to take the exam again. If you finally pass the third part, you will become a CCIE. And you can ask Cisco personnel what your CCIE number is. If your CCIE number minus 1025 is 50, then you are the 50th person to pass CCIE certification.


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