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How to learn Routing and Switching Technology?

How to learn routing and switching technology? Routing and Switching is actually a very basic existence in the Internet industry. As long as people have contact with the Internet, they would say they know something about routing and switching, let alone network engineers. In fact, what people need to learn about routing and switching is nothing more than some network technology foundation, OSI reference model architecture and TCP / IP architecture. In detail, it mainly includes network topology design, IP address planning, routing and router, switching and switch, ACL and other network security technologies, preliminary network troubleshooting and optimization, etc. So how to learn routing and switching technology?

If you want to learn routing and switching technology, the most direct way is to participate in relevant training. Moreover, after the training, you can also take the corresponding examinations. After obtaining the relevant certificates, it is also helpful for your job hunting. So the question is, what kind of training is related to routing and switching technology? SPOTO here introduces the two most common certification: HUAWEI Certification and Cisco Certification.  cisco training price Both two certifications have directions related to routing and switching.

HUAWEICertification ofRouting andSwitching Direction

There are HUAWEI Certification of Routing and Switching Direction from HCIA to HCIP to HCIE. Passing the HCIA Routing and Switching Certification shows that you master the characteristics and general technology of small and medium-sized networks, have the basic ability to use HUAWEI routing and switching equipment to assist in the network design, implementation, operation and maintenance of small and medium-sized enterprises, and realize the interconnection of enterprise networks.HCIPRouting and Switching Certification shows that holder has a comprehensive grasp of the characteristics and deeper technical application of small and medium-sized networks, has the ability to independently carry out network planning, design, deployment, operation and maintenance of small and medium-sized enterprises using HUAWEIRouting andSwitching equipment, and realizes high security, availability and reliability of the network.HCIERouting andSwitching Certification shows that holder has mastered the characteristics and technical development trend of large and medium-sized complex networks, has the ability of independent planning, design, deployment, operation and maintenance and optimization based on the applications of large and medium-sized enterprises, realizes the high expansion, high security and efficiency of the network, and supports the comprehensive integration of voice, wireless, cloud and storage applications required by enterprises.

Cisco Certification ofEnterprise Infrastructure Direction is upgraded from Routing and Switching direction, which retains about 60% of the content related to routing and switching, mainly including the technologies commonly used in campus network infrastructure (switch management, layer 2 protocol, VLAN technology, STP, EtherChannel technology, etc.), routing concept, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP Multicast which are often tested in RS before. In addition, 25% of them are software defined infrastructure, and 15% are infrastructure automation and programmability.

Read relevant books.In addition to the above two training, you can also learn through some relevant books, such as TCP / IP Detailed Explanation, Routing and Switching Learning Guide, Routing and Switching Technology Detailed Explanation, etc. these books are very good and can be used as a reference.

How to learn routing and switching technology? It’s mainly the above. If you can, it’s recommended to participate in the training  visit site:


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