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How To Find The Right Online Time Clock Solution When Overwhelmed With Options

If you’re looking at an online time clock for your business, then you probably already know about the numerous benefits they provide. For example, they can help with ensuring labor law compliance, tracking employee work hours and breaks, as well as time off. They can also help streamline the payroll process to ensure employees are paid on time.

What can be overwhelming is figuring out which option is the right one for your particular business. However, there are several factors you can consider when making your choice that will help you narrow it down to one modern online time clock option that works for your unique situation.

Customer Service

This is likely the number one concern for any business that is new to using an online time clock. Knowing that the service provider will answer questions, provide support, and address problems that arise is crucial when first implementing an online timecard system.

A learning curve always accompanies new technology for employees and managers. Many times, relying on customer support from the service provider is the only way to address issues. Any time clock software that does not offer excellent customer service will not be a good fit for your business. Even with the best software, something is likely to come up, and having an absent service provider benefits no one.

To determine if a solution provides good customer service, reach out on multiple occasions, asking some easy and complex questions. Get a feel for their turnaround time; 24 hours or less is ideal. If they take longer than that, you might want to look elsewhere for your employee timesheet software.


Another factor when choosing online timesheet software that is important to consider is the service provider’s reputation. This can tell you a lot about the service and whether it is a possible fit for your business. Their reputation can be measured from a lot of places. What do third-party sellers say about the service? What do current and past users say? What is the company’s reputation among its peers?

Knowing these things will give you a clearer picture of how reliable the online time clock software you’re getting is and whether the software provider stands behind its product. In addition, looking at ratings from tech sites and user reviews will provide a lot of valuable information when making a choice for your own business.


Pricing is a significant concern for businesses that may not have a large budget for implementing or using work tracking software. Whether or not the price is a flat rate for usage on a monthly basis or a per-employee basis can make a huge difference in whether or not that particular online time clock option works for your business.

For those who have a constantly changing employee count or a large number of employees, a flat monthly rate is likely the better option as you can control the cost of the software more efficiently.

For businesses with a low employee count that is reasonably steady, then a per-employee model is likely a better solution. You pay a smaller amount because of fewer employees but don’t have to worry about constantly changing staff levels; this makes the price for your online job clock somewhat fixed. Again, this can help businesses that are on a tight budget better plan for the expense.

Features Offered

This is something that all businesses need to consider, and the online timesheet management solution you decide on will be based on your individual business needs. Features can range from GPS tracking and geofencing to facial recognition, productivity monitoring, and payroll integrations to process employee pay.

What features are offered versus what you need will drastically shape your decision when deciding on an online time clock. How those features are provided will also be a key consideration. Some time clocks may offer them as an add-on or at an additional fee, so it’s essential to think about what features you need most and what you’re willing to pay to get those services.

Finding the perfect time tracking solution can be challenging, especially when you have so many options to choose from. Therefore, it’s essential to do your research to find the solution that best meets your needs, and hopefully, the points mentioned above can help you on that journey.

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