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How To Find Hidden Water Leaks In Your Home

Maintaining a healthy, safe living environment is important for every homeowner. This includes having regular maintenance done on your home to ensure it’s in working order and that everything is operating correctly. One of the most expensive things to fix after it breaks is major household leaks, which are often hidden in plain sight.

Hidden leaks can cause serious damage to your home’s structure, foundation, interior, and more. That’s why it is important to check for leaks regularly by testing your home for moisture levels in the basement or crawlspace. If you do find a leaky pipe or other sources that are causing excess moisture in one spot, there are several ways you can fix them, but the best one is reaching out to a professional like Risk Free Serv, since dealing with anything related to plumbing can be both difficult and dangerous.

Check Your Water Meter

One of the best indicators that you have a water leak in your home is checking your water meter. If you notice an abnormally high water bill, but no other signs of a leak around your home, the first thing to do is check your meter. When you have your water running at normal use rates, your water meter should average the same each month. If it reads anything higher than that, you could have a leakage issue in your home.

When checking your water meter, you should make sure all the faucets are closed. The small dial on the face of your meter is the indicator of how much your water is running. If it has moved, even slightly, you may have an active leak somewhere in your home.

Check The Water Lines

Another way to check for leaks in your home is by examining each of the faucets and appliances that use water.  There are several signs that you’ll notice if you have a water leak in your home. If the fixtures are leaking, it is possible that they will drip or begin to stream more frequently than they would otherwise.

Additionally, if there are visible signs of damage to the fixtures, like rust or discoloration, this could indicate active water leaks.

You can also check behind major appliances for excess moisture or wetness that may be present if you were to leave them running for an extended period of time.

Monitor Your Water Bill

If your water bill gets higher and your water consumption has not changed, this is another clear indicator of a water leak in your home. You should monitor your water bill to ensure that there isn’t a sudden increase in how much you’re paying for water. If the amount has increased, it is worth checking into further.

Check The Toilet

One of the most common places for a hidden leak in your home is behind the toilet.  A leaking toilet can be an obvious sign of a water leak, but if you have a very old toilet or none of the symptoms seem to line up, it may be worth checking.

One way to tell that your toilet is leaking is by inspecting the flapper valve.  If this thing doesn’t seal properly, there isn’t enough weight on it to keep it closed and thus, water will continue to drain. If the flapper fails to seal properly, you will notice a stream of water from the tank as it slowly empties onto the floor.

Another way that a toilet may be leaking is if you start to hear gurgling or rushing noises while it’s filling up. This means that air has made its way into the tank and is interfering with how it fills.

A toilet that has developed cracks or leaks around the base may also be an indicator of a hidden leak in your home.


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