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How to choose the right rental car for your next holiday?

When traveling, there are several reasons you may like to rent a car, instead of taking cab services every time you have to step out of your hotel or holiday home.

However, before deciding to hire a car, you should understand what kind of car you want and where you would like to hire it. In many cases, your freedom to travel doing whatever you want might be hindered by that decision.

The following are some important tips to help you in selecting the right rental car for your next holiday:

Choose your car based on your specific needs:

Although it may seem self-evident, most of us hire a car based on the cheapest deal. However, in many situations, this can result in a car that is unfit for the purpose. It’s better to get a rental car that’s appropriate for the area and destinations you’ll be visiting.

If you plan to stay near home, an affordable economy car may be the best option. However, if you intend to travel great distances, that type of vehicle may not be the best option. You might choose a more premium ride that offers greater comfort.

It is essential to select a rental car that meets your travel objectives by centering your car selection on your personal goals. A 4×4 can be the best option if you want to travel on gravel roads or via country lanes, for instance.

However, if you plan to spend much time on the highway, a comfortable, low-MPG automobile would be a better option.

The location factor also comes into play here. If you are in the UAE, renting a luxury car may seem more like a tempting choice. You can easily find many agencies offering Abu Dhabi rent a car, Dubai, and Sharjah packages for exotic cars.

Select something that you’re used to driving:

It’s not very often that the typical person gets to drive something besides their own car. While we’d like to believe that passing our exam enables us to drive in almost any vehicle, this isn’t always the case.

Shifting from a small two-seater to a campervan or public transit will be difficult and time-consuming if you’re used to driving one. Unfamiliarity with the vehicle that you’re driving can result in safety concerns, especially if you don’t spend enough time trying to understand it.

If at all possible, choose a car that is similar in design and size to your own. If you’re more used to driving an automatic than a manual, automatic may be a better alternative for a smoother ride.

Keep an eye on the size:

When renting a car, make sure you select the appropriate size. In the United States, a compact car is not the same as a compact car in Europe. Cars in Europe are generally much smaller than those in the United States.

To ensure that there is enough space, consider how many people will be in the car and how much luggage you will have.

Selecting the correct car size is a tricky balancing act. While a larger automobile provides more comfort, it often costs more at the gas station. Larger cars can also be more difficult to control.

Understand the agreement:

It’s important to investigate the terms and conditions of your rental company, especially when booking online, once you’ve defined your precise demands and determined the size of the rental car that best suits you.

Most rental cars offer unlimited miles, but it’s vital to double-check because if you plan to drive a lot, you may end up with an expensive rental. It’s also essential to know the conditions under which it must be returned. Restrictions and fines are two things to be aware of.

Additional insurance is another thing to think about when renting a car.Most rental agreements include some basic insurance, but based on the conditions you’ll be driving in and the potential of damage to the car, you may wish to get additional coverage. It is recommended to pay for your rental car with a credit card since many come with rental car coverage that is quite extensive.

Consider what you require from your preferred car:

Choosing an automobile based on pricing or even where you would be driving ignores the most crucial aspect of car rental. The most critical question is: will the car meet my specifications?

Whether you need a car that you can sleep in if necessary or one with a Sat-Nav to guarantee you get to your destination safely, being specific is the best approach to finding the ideal rental car for you. Prioritize efficiency and comfort over design and expense wherever you go, and you’ll have a far nicer trip as a result.


If you’re looking to rent a car soon, these suggestions should help you make the best decision possible. Whatever your location, safety should always be your top concern. If you happen to be in the UAE, relying on One Click Drive happens to be the best choice as it’s one of the leading car rental agencies in the country.


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