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HiPal Walkie Talkie App For Quick Two-way Communication

Today, technology has made it simple to stay connected with family and friends. Social media resembles a hole in the wall allowing one to see what is occurring in their loved ones’ life. Walkie-talkie is a messaging app that allows people to connect quickly and more personally, which is essential at times.

In the past, only professionals like security guards or foremen working at construction sites had the privilege to use the instant voice communication concept or a walkie-talkie. Advanced technology has made it probable to transform a smartphone into a two-way radio. The majority of the global population is aware of walkie-talkie usage as they have watched it in action on the screens or had received the toy versions in their childhood.

The latest release in the walkie-talkie app is HiPal. It is a social app including a unique twist to the classic walkie-talkie. Some good reason to download the walkie-talkie app is that it is available for free and runs virtually on iOS and Android devices via WiFi or the internet or carrier data network.

It saves time as there is no need for browsing phone records, dialing, and waiting for the person on the other side to answer. Just press& hold the big walkie-talkie button and start talking to a specific contact or group without using up the valuable minutes. Release the button when finished and listen to their response. When the receiver is not available, the voice message is saved and can be listened to later.

The unique selling point about this app is that the walkie-talkie can be heard outside the app – while using another app, watching a video or when the screen is locked.

During an emergency, Hipal app makes it easy for volunteers and first responders to get organized. Real-time voice messages get conveyed faster than texts. It is essential during emergencies when every second matters like in a hurricane it can save lives.

Push-to-talk voice messaging is safe than texting, while driving. The app supports hands-free use while walking or driving. It offers high-quality communication without any concerns about geo-restriction. Users can have a private one-on-one chat or a group talk with ease from anywhere with internet connectivity.

Users can message friends or send pop-up emojis that pop on their screen. It is a social app, so invite and create a group of 100 people. Make friends and meet new people!

Some people feel awkward during phone communications, but with HiPal they can send short voice messages at their convenience. Walkie-talkie lingo is fun and quick! Voice messages even convey those emotions that cannot be passed on even with the volume of emoticons made available. A text message will never replace the feeling conveyed through an emotional voice message.

A wedding planner, picnic organizer, water rescuer group, or a person that brings people closer to make things happen then advanced technology’s walkie-talkie app is the solution. Its uses are endless and there is fresh news around on how people use innovative ways to use the classic walkie-talkie concept with a modernized twist in this digital era!



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