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Here Are Six Good Reasons To See Your OB/GYN Every Year

The female body demands care that is both attentive and skilled, and women all over the world are fortunate to have OB/GYN specialists who can assist them with everything they could require in this field. OB/GYN doctors, who specialize in both obstetrics (the practice of delivering babies) and gynecology (the study of the health of the female reproductive organs), are qualified to offer assistance in a wide range of contexts, the following are some of the reasons why women need to make annual appointments with their OB/GYN in Women’s Healthcare in NJ.

  1. Medical Examinations Of The Breast

You can do a self-breast exam on yourself at least once per month without the assistance of a trained medical professional; nonetheless, you must have this procedure performed in a clinical environment at least once per year. A clinical exam is the best way to ensure that you do not have any warning symptoms of breast cancer or any other conditions that might cause you concern. It can also confirm that you did not overlook anything when performing self-checks. You should consult your physician for instructions on how to perform a self-exam if you are unsure how to do so.

  1. Care At The Basic And Preventive Levels

Your obstetrician and gynecologist can serve as your primary care physician and offer assistance in a variety of different medical areas, including the following:

  • Women’s mental health: An OB-GYN may serve as a confidante and sounding board for patients to chat to during stressful times. They are also able to offer preconception counseling to women who are searching for assistance with the psychological aspects of pregnancy or who are preparing to start a family.
  • Eating well, getting regular exercise, and engaging in other healthy behaviors
  • Checkups for your overall health, including Pap smears. In addition, women who have abnormal Pap smear findings or who have medical disorders such as HPV may benefit from yearly checkups to manage their difficulties. These sessions help to keep issues under control.
  1. Menstruation

You and your doctor can talk about the regularity of your period, its severity, any symptoms that are making you uncomfortable, and any bleeding that occurs in between your periods.

  1. The Health Of The Sexual And Reproductive Organs

Discuss your worries regarding your sexual health with your gynecologist or obstetrician. It is possible for him or her to assist you in the management of sexually transmitted illnesses, infertility, and pain experienced during sex, birth control, and any other areas in which you require assistance.

  1. Methods Of Limiting Childbearing

When it comes to birth control, an OB-GYN is also able to give substantial expertise to their patients. Since the area of medicine is always moving forward in terms of technological development, there may be new treatment alternatives that are both superior and more effective since your most recent annual consultation. This yearly checkup is recommended for women who use birth control methods that require a prescription, such as tablets, a shot, a patch, intrauterine devices (IUDs), or vaginal rings.

  1. Vaccinations

Your yearly consultation with your OB-GYN is an excellent opportunity to discuss crucial vaccines, such as the flu shot or the Pneumovax, as they are given at that time. When younger women go in for their very first checkup, which usually occurs when they are 18 years old, they should inquire about the HPV vaccine.

Because your OB/GYN may act as an advocate for your health, it is essential to schedule yearly appointments with one. Notate and discuss with your OB/GYN any concerns you have regarding bleeding, intimate activity, breast health, or bladder function.


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