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Hanno Stockholm For Premium Quality Handcrafted Precious Jewelry

The story starts with once upon a time there was a young boy whose name was Sako Hano. He traveled across the world in his adolescence and worked with many jewelry artists and brands. He gained knowledge and sharpened his jewelry-making skills with craftsmen from diverse background and cultures.

Today, he has built a brand called Hanno Stockholm. The precious jewelry sold is handcrafted in Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden. Side stone rings with popular cuts like princess, oval, and round-shaped diamonds are available. For something unique customers can choose cuts specifically crafted half-moon diamonds are great as side stones for oval, round, or marquise center stones and the Trapezoids in brilliant or step cuts are popular as side stones.

Craftsman at Hanno advises their customers to choose side stones with clarity because it can save money while getting sparkling side stones. The money saved can be used in choosing a large center stone with high-clarity grading.

Diamond’s location reveals its quality. Belgian jewelers are popular for their great cutting skills. So, Hanno Stockholm gets their diamonds from Belgium. Every diamond above 0.25 carat includes a GIA diamond report, so no concerns…..the diamond has a perfect cut. Perfect-cut diamonds involve precision on the angles and edges.

Hanno offers customization of the side stone rings. The side stones color preference of the wedding or engagement ring can matter to the loved one. In the gallery, there is Annabel, Therese, Camilla, Amy, Lena, and Lori with the same center and side stones. As the center and the side stones are the same in the wedding or engagement band, it offers the center diamond a large look.

If a fancy colored diamond is chosen then the craftsman at Hanno advises customers to choose a contrast to highlight the center stone color. For example, a dark pink stone in the center will be complemented well with five light pink colored small side stones.

Hanno Stockholm even offers lab-grown diamonds, which are 30% cheaper than natural Belgium diamonds. For creating the finest jewelry, the craftsman work with 18K rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and platinum. The diamonds are sourced from reliable and trustworthy diamond cutters, which ensure their clients, get to wear precious jewelry designed from authentic materials.

Craftsmen use traditional techniques to set diamonds. It means each piece conveys a unique story and is designed to highlight the personality of the wearer and even reveal the giver’s affection. Wedding ring exchange is an ancient tradition, which started with rings designed from leather, reeds, or bones and has evolved into rare gemstones and precious metals.

Hanno is popular for its fusion of the old and new technology of setting diamonds. It is an extraordinary combination that creates unique, innovative, and customized side stone rings with a striking diamond in the center for weddings or engagements.

The payment process is simple, safe, and secure. Hanno offers a 30-days return policy and a full refund for products under 50,000kr.



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