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Great technologies that will determine the future of sports

Technologies are everywhere these days! When I mean technology, I am limiting myself here to everything related to crisps and computers. I realize that there are many more technologies, such as biotechnology, etc. For today’s new generations, it is inconceivable that there were times, not so long ago, when we managed our lives without computers and/or cell phones. Technologies have not yet had a major impact on our lives. Yes, we had a telephone at home and if we were lucky, radio and/or television. But that was about it! Technology had not yet made a big impact on our daily habits.

Today, things are different. Everywhere you look, there are many different technologies. It is fully integrated into our work and takes up a lot of our time. It has improved our performance and production levels, and therefore GDP. It’s no different in sports. Technology has become a serious force and is ubiquitous, both at the professional level and among amateurs and fans. We briefly discuss 10 key technologies that will be important to the future of sports.

1. Virtual reality

First, let us explain very briefly the difference between virtual reality and augmented reality. VR (Virtual Reality) puts you in an artificial real 3D environment, while AR (Augmented Reality) puts digital information over the real environment.

Virtual Reality is one of the technologies that will be widely used in the future. Imagine being at home with your headgear on! With VR, you have a fully immersed 3-D experience in reality. If tickets to the game are sold out, do not worry, VR will come to your rescue and it will be as if you were in the stadium! There are even experiments where you will have a social experience together with others.

Increasingly, media companies will allow VR broadcasts! You will also be able to watch the game from positions that were previously inaccessible. VR will also be, and already is, a perfect training tool for many sports. You can now simulate real and potential situations that can occur during a match. This way you can think of a possible solution. Besides, imagine how you can use it to improve your technique.

But there’s more! Just put on your VR headgear and start a game of golf in St. Andrews from the comfort of your home. Or how about this: Certification! Play Fortnite on an empty factory floor. You are the live, moving participant in your own game, equipped only with your VR gear and an artificial weapon……it’s 10 times the challenging version of paintball. Virtual reality is also already being used in the design of sports apparel and equipment. Innovation is the most important factor in this industry as the bar is raised in terms of sports performance.

2. Augmented reality

Okay, then what about augmented reality? Augmented Reality and its cousin mixed reality (where the overlay becomes a real 3D object that you can interact with within the real world) are technologies that are here to stay! This is a simple question as far as I’m concerned. These technologies are still relatively new and you can bet that the number of applications will grow tremendously over the next few years. Until glasses and holo lenses become commonplace, there’s still a lot to be gained here, and even more so in the world of sports, where they’re going to shake up almost every area.

What to expect? Get ready for something! Sports entertainment and fan engagement will benefit, with lots of interesting gimmicks and games (check out the video below!). But there will also be interesting changes in sports betting and sports broadcasting. For example, expect information to appear on your screen just by pointing at a player! Training, refereeing, and coaching will change a lot with AR, as all sorts of new situations and gameplay can be simulated instantly.

Sports medicine is another area that will be affected! Think of athletes wearing sensors and wearables whose movements can be tracked by Hololens, for example, through which you can see what’s happening to the athlete’s joints and bones. There will be big changes in the market for sports products. Goggles and glasses, in particular, will become mainstream. Expect swimmers, cyclists, and joggers to be equipped with headgear that gives you live information about what’s happening. There’s much, much more in the funnel than we’ve caught on to so far!


3. The blockchain


You may think that the blockchain is mostly about cryptocurrencies. The opposite is true. In the near future, blockchain technology will be a very important tool in our lives. In short, it’s a technology that allows you and me to conduct an electronic transaction without the help of an intermediary. This transaction is secure, transparent, and stored forever, just like in an accounting system.

According to the bagsforgym In sports, there will be a wide range of applications. To name a few: direct investment in athletes/clubs in exchange for a portion of his/her future earnings, secure sports betting, tickets that can no longer be counterfeited. In addition, blockchain technology can also be used in the fight against doping, fan engagement, and the protection of image rights in sports. I’m sure you get the message by now.


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