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Gifts for a personal touch in your business life

Prosperity, hope, success and happiness all prospects of a fulfilled and precious life. Happiness means different to everybody and is driven with different outlooks. Family life, workaholic culture and a well-set business all are keys to happiness to people. While they are doing more than a million efforts to make their joy bigger and better every day, there is something you can do too to make them feel humble support. If you are a business partner, a colleague or a distant family member, you can always express your gratitude and appreciation with gift items. Understandably you can’t exactly give them personal gifts, but something that persists on luck and wishes can be the right choice. Continue reading to make a list of the best possible gifts.


  • Blessing of God

Just like any beginning, all good times begin with the worship of Lord Ganesha. Gift a Ganesha murti to the ones you wish to bless with all the luck in the world. Like the third eye on your special people, God will look out for their every step and shine light upon them before they make every single move. Murtis to keep on the desk, or place blissfully in the living room should be their call.


  • A luck plant

Lucky bamboo is a very prominent plant and is renowned for bringing good luck to everyone in its vicinity. Keeping a lucky bamboo in the house is opening a gate to infinite blessings. Gift your loved ones a plant in a beautiful transparent glass vase with a red ribbon around it that is sure to bring an equating combination of both fire and calm keeping you in enough peace and excitement to keep working and pushing yourself beyond limits.


  • A tie

A day before a meeting, fewer people are worried about their attire and look, and more are concerned about the big presentation they have to create commonality with in front of so many people. Be the angel of the moment and gift them a decent black tie if not anything else. The colour black is most people’s favourite and goes with every possible dynamic combination. In a board meeting, everyone anyways looks like ambassadors of black.


  • Things to keep on the desk

A desk flooding with troublesome files and burdening the doer to work with impossible speed and give exceptional results can be overwhelming. Relieve them of the stress and give them something blissful and calming to keep on the desk right in front of their eyes. A photo frame with their family’s picture or a stress ball, a personalised coffee mug or a meaningful bookmark can work wonderfully to express your emotion and give them a nudge in their future endeavours.


  • Planter for the room

Talking mostly about achieving business goals, possibly most of the happening deals are happening in a meeting room. Make it more of a happy place than a daunting one by gifting them a peaceful planter with the money plant or aloe vera one that is both pleasing to the eyes and emblem of peace to the brain. Plants with less water and sunlight requirements are more preferable when getting to keep in a closed room a little research and you will find the most suitable one in no time.


Business is no child’s play and brains beyond imagination storm with ideas to make a thing happen. Congratulate the overachievers in your family and your business circle by gifting them these pleasurable and godly gifts to bring them closer to your heart and abide by a promise of endless future successes till God watches upon them.


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