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Expert Tips To Get Your Own Music Spotify, on Apple Music, &Many other Major Streaming Platform (2022)?

If you are planning to create your next album, you might be wondering how to sell it online. Musicians have a lot of options nowadays to sell their music online. Whether you want to sell your music directly to your fans or the music stores like Amazon, iTunes, etc., you must set up a perfect plan. In short, you must decide when and where to sell your music online. Through digital stores like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and iTunes, musicians can sell their music easily.

Although there are innumerable additional online stores throughout the world, these four music stores have the most sales. For making your music available in some of the top digital stores, some service providers take a certain percentage from you.

As there are so many digital distributors, it can be confusing for you when making your choice. Choose a digital music distribution service provider like MusicDigi to avoid unnecessary confusion.

This music distributor has enormous experience in music distribution, which means you can stay relaxed by approaching them. They will help you to upload music to Apple music and various other music platforms.

As most reputed music distributors maintain a strong connection with music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, etc., it is better to approach them to make money.

The below is the other way to sell your music. But for this, you need to put in a lot of effort from your side.

If you have your own website, you can start selling your music there. If you do not have one currently, you better plan for it. When you have your own website, your fans will know you better. In fact, they will visit your website directly, whenever they want to buy your music. You will get the money directly through your website in this case. Another great advantage of selling through a website is you do not have to pay a commission to anyone.

The only drawback of this process is, most fans prefer to buy music from popular music platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, etc., as they are more trustworthy. It might take a lot of time to see an improvement in your sales. This is one of the main reasons why most musicians prefer to choose the services of a music distributor.

To make some good money, get your music on Spotify. But again, you must analyze on which platform you have more fanbase. It is always better to get your music on other platforms too if you are serious about making your music popular. Even Tik Tok is very famous nowadays.

Music distributors help you to get your music on Tik Tok too. Let the distributors know about the target audience and they will do their best for you. One simple rule that many musicians follow is, the more platforms they choose to publish their music, the more the chances will be there to make more money.

Sell your music on Amazon easily by choosing a reputed music distributor today!


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