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Everything you need to know about MRO

MRO, also known as Maintenance, repair, and overhaul, is a strategy that involves addressing the current service requirements. These requirements are highly valued and have better physical assets once they come into daily use. MRO is scheduled by OEMs and the operators and owners of the assets. MRO is also used for Maintenance, repair, and operations; a relating strategy applied to the facilities and equipment. Moreover, the MRO activities are supported by SLM software.

MRO is a full spectrum of services, including the routine maintenance operations required to conduct the repairs. It also includes the activities used to rebuild assets, restore, and modernize. It also includes depot-level Maintenance.

There are different MRO approaches that are used to plan, schedule, and execute the processes. The majority of the approaches are known as maintenance strategies that are usually developed by the military to increase the mission readiness and availability of the military hardware to the fullest.

The modern MRO software increases the digital technologies that optimize the efficacy and efficiency of MRO that delivers to the OEMs and operators/owners in a wide spectrum of different industries. The broad spectrum of industries includes engineered processes and products with long shelf life. The physical assets are highly precious for the companies that purchase them and those that support and give services. Preparing an MRO strategy aims to get the maximum of the assets and increase reliability and availability.

Usually, the MRO software is supported with a compact SLM solution. This software focuses on all the aspects of service lifecycle management, software, physical asset management, and design for the service.

MRO software functionality

MRO is the most functional system. The MRO software is quite functional, and it is involved in the Maintenance, repair, and overhaul of the software that provides service stakeholders with a compact system that defines management maintenance requirements. It also helps to establish cost-effective processes and systems to meet the requirements and schedule the processes.

Some key functions of MRO software are as follows:

  • The management and capturing of the requirements for every managed asset.
  • It involves the analysis of every asset. The analysis is done by checking the operational hours, utilization of data, and maintenance requirements that are used to generate a maintenance schedule. You might have heard about Aviation MRO software.
  • It includes defining the resources that are required for performing service activities.
  • It includes the visibility of task assignments, instructions, and service information that are required for the service execution.
  • It also involves the proactive planning of services that help to eliminate the copied tasks and generate BOMs for further visits.

Some additional benefits

MRO software is not restricted to these goals as it can also give some additional benefits. These include

  • A better and improved service productivity
  • The greater assurance of services and activities that are meant to be completed on a certain budget and time.
  • It also eliminates redundant activities.
  • An MRO helps to improve the first-time fix rate.


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