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Do You Know What an Earth Wool Insulation Is Made Of?

Earth wool insulation can be distinct from other types of insulation in that it is actually produced by only a single manufacturer. If you have done any insulation research in Slovakia in the recent years, you have almost certainly come across that company.

What exactly is Earth wool?

Earth wool is glass wool that may be found in the Slovakian town of Isover. Glass wool is produced in a similar manner. Millions of small glass fibres are combined with a certain resin binding agent and moulded into a blanket in this manner.

Earth wool, on the other hand, is created of recycled bottles of glass and then will be bonded with bio-based ECOSE technology, eliminating any extra chemicals that are generally used in the production of glass wool.

The result can be a softer, odour-free, organically brown insulation material that has been shown to be an environmentally friendly alternative to its chemically created sibling. Earth wool insulation has a lower embodied energy that means it has a reduced environmental impact.

What is the basic purpose of earth wool?

Earth wool elastic slabs are multi-purpose rock mineral slab of fibre that is often used to insulate timber-framed walls, steel and wood stud dividers, and hanging timber flooring.

What are the various advantages of earth wool insulation?

Earth wool insulation offers all of the similar advantages as any traditional glass wool insulation:

  • Fire resistant
  • Thermal behaviour is always exceptional
  • Sound absorption is also excellent
  • It is purchased as sheets or studs
  • Ways of placement can be adaptable.

However, earth wool also has a few more advantages:

  • It is much softer and also virtually itch-free
  • Got no lasting odour because of the absence of any chemicals
  • General endurance has been upgraded now
  • The absence of formaldehyde and phenol components significantly minimises pollution emission.
  • In terms of Volatile Organic Compound it is Ambient Air Quality compliance, Eurofins Gold rates it as “good material.”
  • Brown in its most natural state.

The insulators’ current attractiveness stems from the fact that they cause virtually no irritation, unlike some other insulators – and that they are odourless. It is simple to set up instead of hiring any professional because there is no issue of discomfort.

Earth wool insulation can be crushed in a highly unique and efficient way. For each shipment and pack, this corresponds to a 55 per cent increase in insulation. The poly covering successfully protects against the dirt as well as the majority of external influences. Once the insulation has been released, it will return to its previous size and be ready for use.

Choose the proper insulation

When building or remodelling any home in Slovakia, insulation will be one of the most important considerations. What you want is to keep it warm in colder areas and cool in hotter climates. There are numerous types of insulation that you can choose from, and also it is critical that you select the appropriate one for the home in Slovakia.

Isover has years of experience and will offer a comprehensive range of insulation materials at wholesale pricing, including ceiling earth wool insulation solutions.


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