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DesignCap: Create Attractive Flyers in Few Easy Steps

As a new restaurant owner, you’re going to make an attractive flyer to advertise your food, service or environment. The good news is, there are a lot of tools out there to create professional posters and flyers that stand out your competitors. So you don’t have to hire a third party to design an ad flyer at all.

Although there are a number of graphics tools you can use, I would prefer simplicity and economy. If you like me, you’re interested in achieving your purpose quickly and do not spend a penny to make a poster or flyer. I would highly recommend using DesignCap, an excellent free software makes your creation easier by provides an intuitive user interface.

What is DesignCap?

DesignCap is an easy-to-use web tool to make professional posters and flyers without much design knowledge required. With DesignCap, you don’t need to start from scratch. It provides hundreds of ready-to-use templates for free. Once you’ve found your template, personalize it by adding your own images, text, clipart, and background.

Benefits of DesignCap

  • No download and registration required
  • The interface is intuitive which works on a drag & drop basis.
  • Hundreds of templates and thousands of resourced are available.
  • Free to save and download your creation

If you think those features sound useful, you can check out the following clear description, and begin to try out DesignCap.

How to Design a Poster or Flyer with DesignCap?

Choose a template

DesignCap provides hundreds of free ready-to-use templates from professional designers to help you get started. All templates are neatly sorted by different categories, and you can browse through according to choose a type of templates, including beer flyer, food flyer, birthday poster, etc.


Upload photos

To further enhance your posters and flyers, you can upload your own photos into the design. Besides, you are able to search by a keyword term to find relevant content from its image library.

Add texts

It is available to customize your design by adding text to your poster. DesignCap provides the options to choose from some predefined fonts to match the style of poster. What’s more, you can adjust the font position, size, color, property and effect to make the text looks perfect.


DesignCap has a large library of clipart which can be used freely to make a great piece of art. Almost any element you may need for your design can be found on the categorized elements of DesignCap. What’s more, you can quickly make use of them by just dragging them on to your design.

Change background

DesignCap also offers some textures and patterns to add more than a solid or gradient color background. Modifying the background color of the flyer as a whole is just a mouse click away. It seems so simple, right?

Save and share your design

If you completed the design, and now it’s time to save it for usage. There are two different basic formats in which you can download; JPG and PNG. Besides, you can also choose the size to be saved, including small, medium, large, and xlarge. What’s more, you can share with the results directly with your favorite social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr.





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