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Couples Massages In Malta



A massage is a wonderful way to spend time together in Malta. You can both be pampered and treated to a romantic, relaxing activity together. 1926 Hotel & Spa offers Massage And Spa In Malta, where couples can enjoy a massage together. You can choose to have the same message as your partner, or you can pick different massages that best suit your health needs.

This article will help guide you in choosing the best treatment for yourself or your loved one.

Antistress Massages

Stress is a constant visitor to our lives. Antistress massage techniques are often the perfect way to relax. Although many Massages in Malta have a great track record of reducing stress and tension levels, Antistress massage has been specifically created to do this. Slowly rhythmic massaging the head, neck, and back along with the back of the legs relaxes your muscles. The massaging technique can be complemented with special anti-stress oil massage oils. These oils have long-lasting benefits that may even help prevent future stress-related illnesses.

Other massages, such as the hot stone massage, are great for relieving stress and other physical aches. You will find special heated stones placed along your body to increase circulation and provide consistent heat to the targeted areas. This heat therapy does more than relax you. It also improves your sleep quality and can help you deal with anxiety. Hot Stone Massages improve your immune system and give you an extra boost of energy to keep going.

You may also consider Ayurvedic Therapy as a stress-relieving treatment. This ancient massage technique uses oil on your forehead to stimulate your body and leave you in a state that promotes relaxation. This combination of essential oils, herbs, and essential oils is specially designed to reduce tension and relieve exhaustion.

When combined with other short or sweet treatments, these massages can be transformed into a luxurious spa experience. Many of these options, including the Foot Reflexology Treatment and foot massage, as well as the Japanese Neck, Back, and Shoulder Massage complement other massages’ anti-stress properties.

Muscle Massages

To ease muscle tension and muscle aches, massages such as our Japanese Massage or Balinese Massage are great options. These massages will also relax and energize you. Because your muscles have become less stiff, you may notice an improvement in your flexibility and range of motion.

These massages may also be beneficial to target pain points or discomfort. You can also use this massage to treat any water retention or inflammation.

Luxury Treats

Treat yourself or a loved one. Spas are a wonderful way to pamper your loved ones and make them feel special. Many Spa massage treatments offer memorable pampering experiences. These treatments are held in a gorgeous, warm marble room that transports you into a new realm of relaxation.

The Hammam experience is not complete without the foam massaging techniques. A therapeutic massage with cryogenic liquid or an antistress massage can be added to your luxurious experience to make it a full-on day of relaxation. The combination of these massages and the Hammam full-body exfoliation will leave you looking and feeling amazing when your leave the spa.

The Ultimate Day Out

To make your spa visit a day-long affair, you can select from various couples’ spa packages that include massages of your choosing and other delights to enhance your experience. Our world-famous spa massages will be enjoyed, as well as lunch and refreshments and access to the luxurious spa facilities. You have the option to have your partner’s massage room decorated in candlelight; a wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion.


Couples’ massages can be an excellent way to celebrate occasions like anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. They can be used to honor your partner and create special memories that will last a lifetime. We hope that you will share the positive effects of our massages on your mental and physical well-being with your significant other.


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