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Cooling Capacity of a Split System Air Conditioner: How much do I need?

Air conditioners come in all shapes and sizes, but the most common residential unit is a split system. A split system air conditioner has two parts, an outdoor compressor/condenser and an indoor air handler connected with refrigerant piping. The “split” refers to the physical separation of these two parts, which allows each to operate at optimal temperatures.

How Does a Split System Work?

A split system works great for a room or an entire house because it allows you to have cooling in multiple areas of your home, such as an office or home theater. The indoor part of this system creates hot air to be cooled by way of one or two outdoor fans, then the outdoor part cycles through and blows cool air back in from those fans.

Cooling Capacity of a Split System Air Conditioner

What is Cooling Capacity? This is the amount of heat a cooling device can remove, usually measured in British thermal units (BTUs) per hour. The cooling capacity of a split system air conditioner (PSAC) is based on the amount of BTUs it uses to cool the home and divided by the square footage. It also considers how hard it has to work because it is trying to cool a bigger space than your single-room AC. This number helps you determine how many hours a day your PSAC can run without breaking its bank account.

The capacity of an air conditioner to cool various-sized rooms depends on the energy input, the capacity of the equipment, as well as external conditions, such as weather. Generally speaking, an air conditioner has three capacities of cooling: light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty. When choosing an air conditioner for your home, you should consider these capacities when deciding what size is right for your home and which one best suits your needs.

How Much Do I Need

Your answer may depend on many different factors. For example, your home’s size and layout, the number of people in your home, the level of insulation in your home and windows, whether you have air conditioner shade or not, how much sunlight comes into your home, the efficiency of other cooling systems in your home, etc. 


To calculate the capacity of cooling for your home or office, there are two steps you’ll need to follow: calculating your equipment’s BTU rating and multiplying that by the total square footage of your home or office. It would be best if you always started determining how many BTUs are needed for your home or office space. Then multiply that number by the total square footage.


If you need help keeping your home cool, then a split system air conditioner can be a great way to keep costs low and cool air circulating through your home. Air that is cooled down will cost less to run, so saving money and staying cool is possible with these systems. It is usually hard to tell that an air conditioning system is running when you get one of these in your home. They are designed to be quiet and unobtrusive, making them a good choice if you want something that runs without a lot of noise or has unsightly outdoor units.



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