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Context Over Content: How Companies Can Compete in Digital Marketing?

The term ‘content is king’ is still a prevalent notion in today’s digital landscape. However, while relevant content matters for drawing the right people in, context over content is now taking place at the top spot. By context, we mean where your content sits on the Internet and the advertising types surrounding it.

The way content is presented is just as important as the words on the page, and without context, the information is diluted by competing information. Context over content applies in all types of scenarios, including digital advertising. Plus, harnessing this element allocates budgets effectively to get the most for your marketing spend.

Modern marketing techniques enable companies to interact directly with consumers, which in turn allocate costs more efficiently. However, the digital landscape is changing, and targeting audiences in real-time may be more challenging.

Elimination of third party cookies

Up until now, advertisers have heavily relied on third-party cookies to target relevant audiences. However, with Google’s recent announcement that will limit data accessibility and eliminate these cookies, the landscape could be harder to navigate. However, not impossible!

Moving forward, context will play a significant role in getting the best ROI in advertising. To get the proper context for published content, contextual targeting avenues should be explored.

Contextual targeting focuses on placing adverts on relevant publications and selecting where they should be positioned. There are numerous digital marketing technologies to achieve this.

Modern digital advertising options

Take a look at popular modern advertising funnels to help you plan your next campaign.

Native digital advertising

Native digital advertising is an advert that matches the look and function of where they appear. This type of advert doesn’t look like a standard selling feature and is often referred to as paid or sponsored content. There is often confusion on how native adverts differ from advertorials. However, the critical difference is that native content flows perfectly with the website’s style, tone, and format without being overtly sales-led. This style of advertising may feature an article, video, infographic, or anything that fits the look and feel of the site.

Rich media advertising

Rich media ads is a term used for adverts that include features that encourage consumers to interact. For example, typical adverts include video, banner ads, audio, and GIFs. Rich media captures the attention of the audience and encourages engagement in a way words do not. According to statistics, this advert type outperforms banner ads by 267%. It’s also a great way to drive purchase intent and helps to build brand awareness.

Mobile advertising

This term refers to any form of advertising shown on mobile devices. There are numerous ways to grab the user’s attention via this method. Adverts are embedded in everything from apps or text messages to games. Utilizing this funnel is helpful for targeting people in real-time. This means they’re actively engaged and tuned in to what you’re selling while they scroll.

Up until now, the mobile ecosystem allowed tracking of data to help advertisers target freely. But times are changing. Recent updates by Apple saw this feature switched off, and now users have to actively agree to allow tracking. Companies must now take a more holistic approach to the target. Understanding an audience and using creative mobile advertising is more important than ever.

Programmatic advertising solutions

Want to take the hard work out of knowing where to buy advertising space? This is where a programmatic advertising company can help. These platforms use data to decide where best to place an advert and how much to pay. It automates the process and often delivers guaranteed impressions. If you need to switch it up or amplify the message, marketers can bid accordingly for impressions. Programmatic advertising can appear complicated. However, a digital advertising company will guide you through the process and handle the structure.

Keyword advertising

Keywords play an essential role in marketing, and they also have a place in managing the context of your content. Keywords and synonyms used are another advertising avenue to explore. This works by paying for your advert to appear where people search for the relevant keyword. While this may have a broader application, it can bring targeted consumers to your products and services. This funnel can also be filtered down into niches to hone in on longer tail keywords and specific brand terms or references.

These are just a few examples of how contextual advertising can boost your brand awareness and conversion rates. The digital landscape is changing rapidly, and using these techniques can help you edge out over the competition. Overall, identifying your target audience is still at the forefront of any marketing activity. This insight will help you place relevant and engaging adverts in suitable locations to ensure they are seen and actioned.

Author Bio

PadSquad is a digital advertising company wholly focused on high-impact creativity. We believe in humanizing the advertising experience, speaking to consumers as humans, not users. Our mission is to enable Brands to connect to people through more memorable advertising that stimulates the senses and inspires action. PadSquad is led by founder Daniel Meehan, an entrepreneur and change agent who began in publishing where it’s critical to deliver readers what they crave. Formerly, Dan was the founder and CEO of Haven Home Media, LLC, the first vertical content network in the Home & Garden category which sold to Reader’s Digest Association in 2011.


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