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Comparison between Hydrogen Water and Alkaline Water

Water is one of the most abundant inorganic compounds available in the earth’s crust. Almost 71% of the crust of the earth is covered with water, however, out of that only a very small percentage of it can be drunk.

However, water is one of the most essential components of our life on the earth as all living beings other than humans like animals, plants, and microorganisms need water for normal functioning.

Hydrogen and alkaline water are 2 almost similar types of ionized water available. The basic difference between hydrogen water and alkaline water is, that hydrogen water has got a low pH value while alkaline water has got a higher pH value than drinking water.

An alkaline water purifier will provide safe water for cooking, drinking, and much more. Alkaline water purifiers also come with a mineralizer that can boost minerals in the water to enhance its taste as well.

An alkiline water machine can offer you safe drinking water that can be used for cooking purposes too. It can neutralize the toxins and acids that are present in the water so that water becomes perfect for consumption. Piurify is a company that deals with water hydrogenators to protect your health by offering the Best Water Hydrogen Infuser System.

What is alkaline water?

Alkaline water is supposed to be capable of slowing down our aging process, and regulating our body’s pH level, to help people avoid chronic disease.

To make your water alkaline, it must have a certain pH level. This decides whether it is acidic or alkaline. With a lower pH level, your water will be more acidic.

So, ensure the water has a higher pH than 7 to be alkaline.

If the pH value of your drinking water is 7 then it is neutral. Alkaline minerals and also negative ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) are used for creating such water.

The negative ORP can act as an antioxidant, to help anti-oxidizing the body. The more negative the ORP, the benefits will increase and it becomes a much more powerful antioxidant.

While a few people think that alkaline water offers many benefits, however, many health professionals think that all these claims lack enough support.

With so many different research results, it is difficult to tell how accurate various claims are and there can be a few risks of lowering the pH in the body.

Alkaline water was compared to hydrogen water

The benefits offered by hydrogen water are much beyond alkaline water. Hydrogen water will act as a powerful anti-inflammatory and decrease pro-inflammatory mediators while also increasing the body’s anti-inflammatory mediator production.

Also, hydrogen water promotes natural energy, improves the quality of our body’s organs, and also improves at a cellular level. Consuming hydrogen water can increase enzyme activity and cellular energy levels simultaneously.

As an antioxidant, also hydrogen water is powerful. It diminishes free radicals, slows down our aging process, and decrease the chance of any chronic disease that impacts our life.

Also, there are no adverse side effects of hydrogen water. Incorporating hydrogen water into our lifestyle can bring positivity into our life.


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